To go alongside the costs of the website, we have made a Patreon.

Its always a bit awkward when it comes to Patreon and that people thinking you are ‘begging for money’, so we’ve tried to make it as transparent as possible!

This is so we are on the same page and theres no smoke and mirrors if you will.

Why have you opened a Patreon?
We have had people in the past asking if they can donate to us but we hadn’t ever had a way to donate, well now we do! This was purely because we are putting our own money into the website to make finding our content easier and we know some people would like to contribute towards that! We don’t expect anything, but even £1/$1 can go a long way.

NO hidden content, NO special tier rewards!
We don’t believe in those type of things, every bit of content we make will always be free to see. Why should someone who can’t afford to donate be excluded from seeing our content?!

How will the money be used?
All money will go into helping with the cost of the website, future giveaways, better equipment and making the podcast better all round! None of the money will directly go into anyones pockets, it will ALL go back into the content.

Where can I find it?
Go to to check it out! Remember, if you can’t afford to donate, then DON’T.