Smackdown Live - 6th August 2019

This weeks Smackdown Live kicked off with Charlotte Flair coming out and claiming that she is going shatter Trish Stratus’ dreams in front of her family at Summerslam this Sunday. She points up to the titantron to show us a highlight package of Flairs career but instead it was hijacked by a highlights package of the career of Stratus. Trish comes out to say that yes, she wants one more match to prove to everyone that she can still go and who better to do that with than the women who embodies what she fought for.

Charlotte claims that she is Stratus’ nightmare before a slap to the Queen. Flair stares off with the Toronto native before laughing in her face and walking off.

Not much to say about this really, atleast it is doing its job of building to a match at a PPV so can’t really complain about that.


Dolph Ziggler vs Rey Mysterio

Goldbergs music hits and the crowd pop like little bitches, obviously forgetting that it is Dolph thing nowadays to come out and mimmick legends.

The match doesn’t start as Ziggler attacks Rey Mysterio during Reys entrance, he jumps on the microphone and says that all these legends can keep coming back if they want but it will always end up in the same way. Ali music then hits and he takes out DZ.


Dolph Ziggler vs Ali

As expected, This was turned into a match during the commercial break and Dolph Ziggler put Ali away in fairly quick fashion.

What was the point of this? seriously? Dolph beating up Rey made sense, end it at that point. We all know that Ziggler isn’t winning on Sunday so a win here doesn’t help him, it only hinders Ali and what hes been doing with his class promos recently.

Also, lets remember that Ali looks like hes going to be Shinsuke Nakamuras first opponent for his Intercontinental Championship, so a loss here makes even less sense. I’m saying Ali should’ve won this, purely that this match just shouldn’t and didn’t need to happen.


Backstage sit down interview with Roman Reigns talking about who might be attacking him over the past week. He says that he knows who it isn’t and that is Samoa Joe. He apologises to Joe for having his name dragged through the mud.

Roman says that he plans to find out tonight who has been behind it. WE LOVE A WHO DONE IT OOOOH


Another tribute to Harley Race, Once again, Thank you Harley.


Natalya vs Ember Moon

I don’t mind a concept of a Challenger vs Challenger match, but usually nothing can come out of it if theres a winner or a loser. You want both looking strong going into a PPV.

Well we didn’t have to worry about winners or losers as both women got counted out as Natalya locked in the sharpshooter on the outside, now it leaves the question as to if Moon will be 100% for Sunday to face Bayley? talking about Bayley, she came down to drag Nattie off of Ember before getting pushed to the floor. Natalya ran away and the Smackdown Womens Champion helped up her challenger for Sunday.

Really interesting way around this, they are making the Sharpshooter look like the most dangerous submission once again and I really like that, it puts a bit of doubt in your head about who is winning on Sunday. This didn’t do anything for the Smackdown Womens Championship match (which is strange considering we are on Smackdown…) but there isn’t much they can do as it was just Bayley picking someone and there isn’t much or any story line behind it.


Kevin Owens Show with Guest: Shane McMahon

No fun and games with Kevin Owens this week, he instantly calls out Shane McMahon to come down and, before a bit of waiting around, Here comes the Money hits and the 2 men are stood in the ring.

KO cuts off Greg Hamilton doing Shanes Entrances and wants to cut to the chase, Why is Shanes career not on the line on Sunday? theres one simple reason, His last name. Owens does put up the challenge though and claims that it would be ‘best for business’ for The Best in the World to go.

McMahon obviously refuses to comply but reassures KO that there is no shame in losing to the BITW, but Shane goes through every possible way that Owens could quit whether it be DQ, Pinfall, Count out or maybe even his DEADLY Triangle Chokehold. Kevin claims that Shane has shown to the world what they all know and thats that McMahon has no balls.

A brawl breaks out with Elias coming from the crowd to help Shane, but he eats a stunner on the table before McMahon sweeps KOs legs and Owens took a nasty looking back bump onto the announce table. This gave Shane the momentum and he ended up flipping the announce table onto KO and then placing a chair onto Kevins head and driving a drop kick into it.



Sami Zayn comes out and talks about how last week, he offered Aleister Black a match at Summerslam yet Black didn’t bother to respond. Zayn says that he just locks himself in his dark room because hes safe there from being exposed.

Aleister Blacks music hits and while he is led on his lifty uppy machine thing, he says that this match will NOT be happening at Summerslam, because its happening TONIGHT.


Aleister Black vs Sami Zayn

A bit disappointed that this isn’t happening at Summerslam, but then again the match tonight would’ve probably got more time tonight than on Sunday, so i’m not sad about it.

Not much too really say about the match, once again making Black look like a complete monster and the Black Mass just gets better and better every time it gets hit.


Fire Fly Funhouse

GIVE ME MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE, INJECT IT INTO MY VEINS. I will never be able to describe what happens in the funhouse via blog style, just watch it. NOW.


A video package about Kofi Kingston talking about his past and present with Randy Orton, was pretty damn good, go check it out if you can.


New Day vs Daniel Bryan & Rowan

Non title match here as current Champions take on the team they took the championships off of at Extreme Rules. The first thing to be said is, Will we find out what Daniel Bryans big announcement was? Maybe he was involved in the Roman Reigns attack? hopefully we find out something and its not just another WWE thing where we are meant to forget.

A good match to end Smackdown here, with both teams putting it all on the line but out of nowhere, Rowan smacks Xavier Woods with the ring stairs after Woods attempted a Suicide dive, leading to the DQ but also leading to Bryan & Rowan completely demolishing the New Day.

Cameras cut back stage to Roman Reigns going into the mens locker room and demanding the room, every one gets up and leaves but Roman tells Buddy Murphy to sit back down. Reigns interrogates Murphy after he was seen in the background of the forklift incident. Buddy claims to not know who did it but even if he did, he wouldn’t tell Roman a thing.

Roman chucks Murphy around the locker room before Buddy finally says a name……It was NOT Daniel Bryan that did it as expected, it was in fact ROWAN, Why? What reasons? SO MANY QUESTIONS. WHAT A WAY TO END SMACKDOWN.


Smackdown Live Rating - *** 1/4

Pretty similar to RAW from last night, some trash but also some decent things going on and, with Summerslam coming up, they did alright to build for it.