Monday Night RAW - 5th August 2019

Once again, i’ve missed almost a month of reviews, I can only apologise!

We kick off Smackdown Live with a prerecorded segment from earlier in the day with Shane McMahon welcoming Kevin Owens to the arena, before promptly telling KO to have the night off, to the annoyance of Owens.


We kick off this weeks RAW with a 10 bell salute to all the victims of the recent horrific events in Dayton and El Paso. Our thoughts are with all the victims loved ones.


We come back from the RAW intro video package to Samoa Joe stood on top of the announcement table ripping into Michael Cole for accusing him for what happened to Roman Reigns last week on Smackdown Live. He then threatens to shut down the show until he gets a apology from Roman Reigns and WWE officials, but before he can finish his sentence, Becky Lynchs music hits and she comes out for her match.


Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs Natalya & Trish Stratus

Standard PPV Go Home tag team match with 2 feuds being bundled into one, but it was nice to see Trish Stratus once again wrestle on RAW, even though it still a strange decision to have her comeback on RAW and not just wait for Sunday.

There was some obvious friction between The Man and The Queen with some tags behind backs etcand it ultimately led to Charlotte attacking Becky from behind and then walking off. Lynch was obviously irate with this but it gave Natalya the opportunity to lock in the Sharpshooter and hold it in despite the RAW Womens Champion getting to the ropes, because of this the referee called for the disqualification. Trish never actually took part in the match which I guess makes sense, but don’t tease it if you never planned to use her.

Stratus tried to get Nattie to let go of Lynch, but Natalya pushed away her fellow Canadian which angered Trish, but Natalya had rolled out the ring before anything bigger could happen.

Was OK at best, I did understand the result of a disqualification because you don’t want any of these 4 to lose and i liked how Becky sold the Sharpshooter because it makes it feel like she could lose the title at Summerslam if its locked in. Nothing happened to really heighten the other feud though.


Rey Mysterio vs Andrade

After last weeks ripping of Rey Mysterios mask, this match was made and I love that this feud has come back to light because the chemistry these 2 have is incredible and they’ve put on the best TV matches this year by a mile.

Both men showing frustration that they can’t put the other away and were throwing everything to get the victory. They both had their times onto top of this match but it was Mysterio to hit his famous 619 but Andrade had Vega to thank as she stopped Rey going up to the top rope instantly, allowing Andrade to recover a little and get his knees up when Rey eventually went for the frog splash.

This gave Andrade the upper hand, with another assist from Vega, hitting the Hammerlock DDT onto Mysterio to pick up a very impressive victory.

Give these guys time, they will produce magic. Simple as that. I would love if this got 30 minutes on a PPV, but im happy to see it for free.


We have a 24/7 Championship segment with Mike and Maria Kanellis at their baby checking appointment, basically Mike pretended to hug Maria but instead the doctor was a referee and Mike wins back the 24/7 Champion, only for him to go out to the waiting area and get pinned by R-Truth.

The Mike/Maria storyline is just domestic abuse, have no time for it and now I am fearing that they are using R-Truth far too much in this, he needs some time away from the title to make it feel fresh, it doesn’t help the championship if you know that Truth is just going to win it back by the end of the segment.


The Universal Champion is out and he is looking smug after destroying his Summerslam opponent Seth Rollins last week (I must say, fairplay to Rollins for accepting to take that, it looked brutal). Paul Heyman jumps on the microphone and says that he has been authorised by The Beast to educate the crowd and the audience at home about how Seth Rollins was supposed to be the Big Hero and wasn’t he supposed to be the Beast Slayer, but the answer to those are seen in one simple footage, that being the footage of last weeks demolishing.

Its funny because, when re-watching the video package, I think most people were happy to see Seth take that beating, purely because of how hes been booked, but mainly because of how hes portrayed himself in the media recently. Heyman tells us that Seth is here tonight and before he could even say the next word, Rollins music hits and he comes dragging himself out, limbing and selling every bone of his body, but he has a steel chair in hand, but then he sprints at Brock with the chair…….Seth mate, please pal I beg, just don’t sprint when you’re trying to sell…

Basically, Lesnar destroys Seth once again, with Heyman in the background asking Rollins why the hell he even showed up, not in a heel way but almost in a disappointed father way. Brock hits a F5 and thats the end of the segment.

Heyman makes this segment absolutely complete, selling how much of a monster Brock is just in tone of voice and in body language, the guy is a gem. My only worry is that Seth might win the title on Sunday, meaning all this was absolutely pointless. Brock actually feels like he could do something with the belt if he holds it for a couple of months (as long as its just a couple of months) and I feel like Rollins just needs to step away from the main event for a little bit because his handling of media recently hasn’t helped him whatsoever.

We come back from Commercial with Seth Rollins still in the ring, he gets on the mic and says that hes keeps asking himself if all this is worth it, getting yourself beaten to a pulp for the thing you love and the answer is yes. Its all hes ever wanted and its all hes got, confirming and GUARANTEES that he will beat Brock Lesnar at Summerslam.


Great backstage segment with Kurt Angle, Street Profits and Drew McIntyre, I forgot to write anything down for it because I was too into it, watch it on the youtube highlights if you can because I loved everything to do with it


Viking Raiders vs Local Competitors

Right, I honestly don’t mind these matches, but its getting to the point where its not achieving anything more for the Viking Raiders at this point, luckily its PPV week so we will need a new Tag Team to enter the title picture and theres only one team for that.


A flashback on the legacy left behind by Harley Race after he past away late last week, a true legend of the business and someone he inspired thousands of wrestlers that we’ve not only seen in the last generation, but in this one aswell.

Thank you Harley Race for being a integral part of what wrestling is today.


Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander (Special Guest Ref: Kurt Angle)

We were expecting a match between these 2, but things took a dark turn very quick.

Drew and Cedric were scrapping on the outside before the bell had even rung, but then the lights went out and once again, Bray Wyatt attacks a legend as he puts the mandible claw onto Pittsburgh own Kurt Angle.

Love the whole ‘lets kill some legends’ motive that Wyatt is on at the moment, its beautiful.


The OC vs New Day & Ricochet

This was meant to be a standard Champions vs Champions match, but it turned into a 6 man as The OC attacked the New Day with Ricochet making the save.

The OC pick up the victory after a magic killer to Xavier Woods, not many complaints here, but I wonder if Woods and Big E are wondering if Kofi is ever going to help them?


Samoa Joe comes out after being told that Roman Reigns is here and he is still expecting his apology, he grabs a chair and sits in the ring waiting on him. The crowd start chanting CM Punk but Joe stops that fairly quick and goes to the car park to take out Roman.

He goes out to the car park to confront Roman, but as Reigns gets out the car, another car comes out of no where and rams into Romans Vehicle. WHO DONE ITS ARE GOOD I LIKE.

There was 1 MASSIVE problem with this, they showed what happens during the commercial break and Triple H and Samoa Joe were helping Roman out, this showed the side of the car that got hit AND THERE WAS NO MARKS, DENTS, SCRATCHES OR ANY DAMAGE ON THE CAR, COME ONE LADS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD A BIT OF CONTINUITY ITS NOT HARD.


Iconics (c) vs Mandy Rose/Sonya Deville vs Kabuki Warriors vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross for the WWE Womens Tag Team Championships in a Elimination Match

A random Womens Tag Team Championship match, so expect some new champions as thats what usually happens in these situations.

The Iconics showing off some impressive tag team moves which we haven’t really seen from them before really as they take control of the early goings in this match. This didn’t last long as Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville get control and pin the champions to eliminate the Champions, remember when I said there would be new champions?

Next eliminated were Rose and Deville as Asuka makes Mandy tap out, what was weird was, in the background, Sonya was like half in the ropes and half not and kept on looking at Kairi Sane who was looking at Sonya like something was meant to happen and it wasn’t until Rose tapped out that Deville jumped in and Sane stopped her, was a little awkward to look at.

So we are down to the final 2 and the titles will either go to Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross or The Kabuki Warriors and its the odd couple itself as Bliss hits a twisted Bliss onto Kairi Sane to pick up the victory and become NEW WWE Womens Tag Team Champions.

Not many complaints, at least these 2 are on TV so the titles might actually get some exposure finally.


Miz TV

Great Promos from both Miz and Dolph Ziggler i thought and it was confirmed what the rumors were saying for this past week now and that is that Miz vs Dolph is NOT happening at Summerslam, as Goldberg comes out and HE will infact face Ziggler at Summerslam.

Another legend needed for a PPV, problem is, I don’t see this one putting over currently talent. As a WCW kid, its always nice to see Goldberg, but he has a lot to do to redeem himself after Saudi Arabia.


Monday Night RAW - *** 1/4

One of the better Go Home shows I thought, but there were some dull moments at points but we got a much needed title change which is fine, but it would’ve been nice if we had some more build up towards Summerslam.