Monday Night RAW - 12th August 2019

Right, I didn’t watch RAW last night as after Summerslam i’m a little bit disillusioned with main roster WWE, so I went to bed early, knowing that big things were going to happen as it was after a big 4/5 PPV, but also knowing that I didn’t really care.

I woke up this morning at a normal time and the first thing I did was flick on Youtube to have a look at the highlights from last night, its the first time i’ve done it in a while and even that was quite refreshing, but as I saw a thumbnail of King of the Ring and Sasha Banks, It confirmed what I knew about big things happening.

So, this isn’t going to be a review of what happened (Some people like to review things they haven’t seen, that ain’t me) but instead my thoughts on the 2 most talked about things from last night.


King of the Ring returning, finally.

First off, the return on the best tournament to be introduced into Wrestling, The King of the Ring.

We haven’t seen KOTR since Bad News Barrett beat Neville back in April of 2015 (I wonder where they both are nowadays?) and it seems that we are going on a 4/5 year cycle of King of the Ring returning. Personally, I feel it should be 2/3 years but I understand that Vince McMahon isn’t a big fan of tournaments which is a shame, but hey ho.

King of the Ring can turn someone from mid card talent to World Champion in a flick of a switch (Barrett ended up being World Champion, right?…RIGHT?) and it could make someones career, Austin 3:16 wouldn’t of been a thing, King Booker running riot on Smackdown and the start of the collapse between Edge and Christian.

Lets go through the competitors that have been announced, its 8 from RAW and 8 from Smackdown:

Apollo Crews
Baron Corbin
Buddy Murphy
Cedric Alexander
Chad Gable
Drew McIntyre
The Miz
Kevin Owens
Sami Zayn
Samoa Joe
Shelton Benjamin

It’s a cracking line up of talent which have already dipped their feet into the main event scene and talent who haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to TV time recently, there could be some fantastic matches on show here and that’s what awesome about tournaments, the dream matches.

Although the schedule has changed, with the rounds being split up over a few weeks (from what I can work out anyway) and not all on the same night, at least it will give the wrestlers like Chad Gable and Apollo Crews to make the most of the TV time they are going to get.

I don’t like making predictions too early, but hey, everyone loves a fantasy booking. As a 205 Live fan, I can’t look past either Ali or Cedric Alexander, both are fantastic and both could use the rub of all this, but that’s my heart. My head is telling me ‘Stop being loyal to the cruiserweight lads’ and all I can see is the already proclaimed King of the Swing, Cesaro.

Its criminal that Cesaro hasn’t already been World Champion and seeing as his Bar pal, Sheamus, was also King of the Ring back in the day, if the Celtic Warrior ever recovers, it could also lead to a feud between them once again which I wouldn’t be against.

To end this bit, I’m extremely hyped about this being back, like I said, it’s the best tournament ever produced and it seems incredibly fitting to bring it back and do it to remember the late great King Handsome Harley Race.


Sasha Banks returns, finally.

Something that i’m not so excited for, is the return of Sasha Banks.

Now that sounds harsh, but after months of her trying to tease everyone on twitter and getting all the stans riled up, I just lost interest about her. Shes a great wrestler, on her day she is up there and one of the best in the world, but I just couldn’t be arsed.

Now, It is great that she returned to RAW finally, purely so the speculation can stop, but more importantly, SHE CAME BACK HEEL. This is what we asked for ever since her feud-not-feud with Bayley before they went for the Womens Tag Team Championships, we ALL know how good Sasha can be as a heel (remember her heel run in NXT etc etc) and she has a perfect opponent for her heel attitude, Becky Lynch.

Becky needed someone to reignite her RAW Womens Championship run after dud feuds with Lacey Evans and (less so, but still a bit rubbish) Natalya and a heel Sasha Banks is just the wrestler to do that and more importantly, people will actually care about it, you know, because 4 Horsewomen and that.

So, Welcome back Sasha Banks, I’m glad all this ‘OmG sHeS gOiNg To AeW’ nonsense is over and hopefully you can do what you do best and that’s making little kids cry.