New Series - Wasn't the Attitude Era wonderful...?

So thanks to my new job I (Matt) not been able to make many of the recent podcasts or write much on here. However, I am now almost settled in my new pattern and have decided to start writing for the website again.

Instead of bringing back Rebooking Raw, which was fun but incredibly difficult due to the content WWE have been putting out recently, I have decided to start a new series entitled Wasn’t the Attitude Era wonderful…?

In this series I am going to look at and review some segments of the Attitude Era. Some of them will be great wrestling matches or iconic moments or promo’s, but others will look at some of the more questionable moments from the time.

We will take an in depth look at each segment talking about the feud leading up to it and an in depth look at what happens. At the end of each article we will give either a positive point or a negative point to the Attitude Era and hopefully we can see whether it is as good as we remember it to be.

If you want me to look at any segments in particular, please feel free to tweet me @Heel_MattQ and I will look at the segments. Ideally they need to be one promo or match but I’m sure I can make the odd exception here and there.

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