Smackdown Live - 04th June 2019

Kofi Kingston kicks off Smackdown Live with Xavier Woods talking about the highs and lows of his career and being able to fight through those lows and doing that let him become the new WWE Champion. We get a video package of Kofis time back home in Ghana where he visited last week and he then goes on a emotional story about meeting his family members but Dolph Ziggler comes out and says that he respects Kingston far too much and that hes a inspiration, otherwise he would be in that ring beating Kofi up right now. We get a Video Package of Dolphs career, then saying that he gave his soul to WWE yet its Kingston who get the Wrestlemania moment, when it should've been him. He says that Kofi Kingston is a hero, but
everyone will realise soon enough that he will be the hero in this story. Kingston replies with the fact that Ziggler neglected to add in that video package that he walked out on the company when he won the US Title back in 2017, Kofi said he could've been him but he did what he always did and quit and walked away, the opposite of what he does because hes never quit and never walked out on the WWE Universe. We then get ANOTHER video package of Dolph attacking Kofi over the past few weeks, with Ziggler saying that on Friday, it will be him. Far too many video packages but both men put together some decent promos

Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn - Pretty standard tag match here, Kofi Kingston picking up the pinfall victory over Sami Zayn after a Trouble in Paradise, then when Kofi was celebrating, Dolph Ziggler attacked both him and Xavier Woods by hitting a pair of SuperkicksShane McMahon cuts a promo backstage we instantly get another video package about Shanes attack on Roman Reigns last night - These video package are starting to do my head in, the 2 about the careers of Dolph or the trip to Ghana was fine, but we literally dont need to see stuff that happened a few weeks back and definitely not yesterday.

Moment of Bliss with Smackdown Live Womens Champion Bayley - Alexa Bliss is for some reason a fully fledged heel today despite celebrating like a face with Nikki Cross yesterday, is this going to be the case every time Nikki isn't around? i would be interested to see how that would play out if it is the case. Carmella comes out to try and lay claim to a number one contenders spot for the championship which Alexa didn't like. Charlotte then interrupts and says that she has spoken to Shane McMahon about who Bayleys opponent will be at Stomping Grounds and hes made a match for later tonight and it just so happens that its all the 3 women on the stage

Backstage segment with Carmella and R-Truth, sets up a actual match for the 24/7 Championship after Truth spoke on the phone with Shane McMahon

R-Truth (c) vs Elias for the 24/7 Championship in a Lumberjack match, but the lumberjacks can't pin the Champion during the match - Proper squash match here as Elias wins his 2nd 24/7 Championship, but after the match the Lumberjacks started brawling to get to Elias, but he managed to crawl
away, only to crawl into R-Truth who chased him UNDER the ring, with a pin fall happening out of our sights and R-Truth and the ref crawl back out from under the ring and Truth becoming a 4 time 24/7 Champion

Shane McMahon comes out along with the Revival and WE GET ANOTHER VIDEO PACKAGE FROM YESTERDAY.....Shane talks about neutering the Big Dog, weird, don't care. Roman Reigns comes out, destroys Revival because obvious mate. Roman walks down to the ring to take on Shane
but out of absolute no where, Drew McIntyre hits a claymore kick, Throws Reigns into the ring and Shane hits another spear, dont care.

Charlotte Flair vs Carmella vs Alexa Bliss - Wasn't long before Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville came down to the ring to have a presence and maybe distract the 3 Women. Was a okay match, Alexa Bliss hit a mean looking Twisted Bliss on Charlotte while Flair had Carmella in a Figure 8. Finish of the match saw Carmella hit a superkick on Charlotte, with the match looking like it was won, Rose and Deville tripped up Carmella which let Bliss gain the momentum, hit her DDT and pick up the pin fall victory, meaning it will be Bayley vs Alexa Bliss at Stomping GroundsInterview with Lars Sullivan, the crowd SHAT on him through out and X-Pac heat shall now be known as Lars Heat. Can't even remember what he said because i was listening to the crowd

Andrade vs Apollo Crews - turns out it wasn't a match as Andrade started to attack Apollo Crews so Finn Balor came out to make the save...or not as it was Andrade to stand tall over the Intercontinental Champion

Goldberg cut a promo for his upcoming match again Undertaker and my god, I feel like a kid again. He did his usual shtick but when he finished, THAT gong hit and the place erupted. Lights go down and back up with Taker in the ring behind Goldberg, the 2 stare off while the crowd, and myself, lose their minds over whats happening infront of us. I don't care where it is, I don't care how old they are, they've have just made me HYPED.

Smackdown Live Rating - * 3/4 - As you could probably tell, i hated this Smackdown. If it wasn’t for Goldberg and Undertaker, I was going to give it just the 1 star. Far too many video packages, stupid feuds, weird booking decisions.

Match of the Night - Alexa Bliss vs Carmella vs Charlotte Flair I guess
Segment of the Night - Goldberg and Undertaker

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