205 Live - 4th June 2019

We were supposed to kick things off with Akira Tozawa vs Noam Dar but out of absolutely no where, Drew Gulak returned to 205 Live and attacked the Scottish Supernova during his entrance, Tozawa screamed at Drake Maverick, who had ran down to the ring to stop the beating to Dar, to let him face Gulak, which Maverick agreed to and changed the match up.

Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa - Im so glad 205 Live is a thing, because this felt like the first proper Wrestling match this week (Thats a bit harsh on Cesaro vs Ricochet, but that wasn’t particularly long) with these 2 getting plenty of offense in on each other, with the unpredictability of this match as Tozawa is Tony Nese’s choice for number 1 contender, but Drew Gulak is just returned. In the end, Drew Gulak picked up the win which added a interesting twist to who will face Tony Nese for his Cruiserweight Championship.

Mike Kanellis cuts a promo on how he was the best when he debut 2 years ago and he is still the best, so he challenges Drake Maverick to find him a cruiserweight that is on his level.

Lucha House Party cut a promo on the Singh Brothers, despite having to face Lars Sullivan on Friday, Concentrate on that first lads!

Oney Lorcen vs Ariya Daivari - After last weeks promos from these 2 men, i was pretty hyped for this match, it started slow with each men trying to get the better of the match, it certainly wasn’t a expect cruiserweight match which isn’t surprising with who was in the ring. There was spells in this match but it never really kicked into a high gear, the finish of the match seeing Ariya Daivari hitting the Persian Lion on Oney Lorcan, but he didn’t cover straight away which allowed Lorcen to recover slightly and when Ariya did cover, Oney turned it in to a roll up to pick up the win.

205 Live Rating - ** 3/4 - Wasn’t the greatest episode of 205 Live, didn’t really get going for me after the opening match, but it was good to see Drew Gulak return with a bit of a character change

Match of the Night - Drew Gulak vs Akira Tozawa
Segment of the Night - Mike Kanellis Promo

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