Monday Night RAW - 3rd June 2019

RAW kicks off from the University of Texas with The Big Dog coming to the ring, but before he could even say a word, Here Comes the Money hits and Shane McMahon comes out to a chorus of boos. Shane says he can't wait to shut Roman Reigns up at Super Show Down, going on about tapping Roman up for the first time in his career, but he wont be satisfied with just that, he wants to make Romans eyes bulge due to his Triangle Choke. Reigns says hes not got a chance when he comes to facing him, stating that Shane can only get through matches due to his little buddy Drew. Drew McIntyre comes out and says that Shane will 100% beat him at Super Show Down and at Stomping Grounds, The Scottish Sociopath will hurt Roman and make him regret everything. McIntyre says that he has a idea that, despite having a match against Roman and The Usos, Drew doesn't need his Revival Partners and him and Shane are going to take him out now, little did Reigns know was that it was all a roose and he was attacked by the former RAW Tag Team Champions from behind. Usos come out to make the save and the match kicks off. Last week it took a HOUR to have a Wrestling match, This week was less than 15 minutes, Improvement!

Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Drew McIntyre & The Revival - Not going to lie, i missed most of this match as i got caught up doing something, but as i tuned back in, All the heels were destroying Roman Reigns, with Shane McMahon hitting a Spear to Roman.

Miz TV with Universal Champion Seth Rollins where they talk about the potential of Brock Lesnar cashing in on him tonight, but Seth says that we shouldn’t just assume its going to happen, because we don't know if Lesnar will actually turn up and that Paul Heyman has never told the truth in his life. Rollins says that he is not even worried about Brock tonight, because his mind is on stomping Baron Corbins head into the mat at Super Show Down and retaining his Universal Championship. Cameras cut back stage and on the titantron, with Mr Money in the Bank turning up, but instead of coming out to the ring, The Beast is playing mind games and instead goes to his locker room.

Lucha House Party had a scrap with Lars Sullivan, nothing to see here

Becky Lynch comes out and talks about everything that over the past few months and she says that she is content with everything, but thats the problem with her at the moment because a content wrestler gets hurt. She says that when Lacey Evans helped Charlotte Flair win the Smackdown Live Womens Championship at Money in the Bank, that lit a fire under her and she is ready to rip everyones arms off and prove to the world that she is not content. Lacey Evans comes out and refuses to accept that Becky Lynch is the face of her Womens Division and that she will do everything to make it Becky NO belts. Charlotte then comes out saying that she half way to being her dads World Title record, and all that Lacey has done since being here is make Tea. Lacey attacks Charlotte and they end up having a match

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch - Was abit of a underwhelming match which didn't really flow too well, and it ended abprutly as Becky Lynch just unprovokingly attacking Charlotte, causing a DQ

Rey Mysterio comes out to relinquish the US Championship, but Samoa Joe comes out and says that he doesn't even deserve the chance to relinquish the championship because he never actually won it at Money in the Bank because Joes shoulder was no where near the mat. Rey says that he has won championship all his career through the pain and through injuries and that he will be back to take the US Championship once again, but in a weird move, he doesn't just relinquish the title, he relinquishes it back to Samoa Joe. Joe then attacks Rey and puts him in the Coquina Lock in the middle of the ring, I guess thats his way of thanking people!

Nikki Cross vs Peyton Royce - Decent enough match up but nothing special, Ending of the match saw a crew member bring out some coffee for Alexa Bliss who was in Nikki Cross' corner, which riled up The Iconics with Peyton Royce kicking the coffee out of Alexas hand. Bliss tried to attack Royce but she missed and Peyton kicked her through the ropes which made Bliss slip over the spilt coffee, all this time gave Nikki Cross enough time to recover and hit the Crossroads onto Royce to pick up the victory. A embarrassed Bliss then attacked the Iconics after the match but Cross managed to calm her down, with the 2 celebrating the victory

Seth Rollins comes out and Dares Brock Lesnar to come out and cash in the Money in the Bank contract, Lesnars music hits but he doesn't come out. A incensed Rollins says that Brock used to be a feared man around these parts, but no more, once again calls out Brock but this time Baron Corbins music hits. Baron says that he retired Kurt Angle and Wrestlemania and hes ready to prize the Universal Championship out of Seths cold hands on Friday and he will make sure to retire him too. Seth Rollins has had enough and attacks Corbin but once again, Brocks music hits which distracts Seth which allows Corbin to hit the end of days onto the Champion. For the third time, The Beasts music hits and he finally comes out with a referee
and with his briefcase in hand. He low blows the Beast Slayer and proceeds to demolish Seth, F5s on the outsides and brutal chair shots which cuts Rollins back open. Paul Heyman is on the outside shouting at Brock to cash in the contract, but Lesnar refuses and says that he will do it on Friday at Super Show Down instead. The attack wasn't done with more chair shots to Seth before Brock and Heyman walk off to the back and medical staff carrying Seth out to the back

Firefly Fun House - i will hurt you if you don't watch this one

Triple H comes out with LOUD chants of NXT, but hes only here for one thing, and that is to talk about Randy Orton. Before Hunter could say another word, Ortons music hits and the Viper comes out, with HHH saying that its being a while since they've stood across the ring, while also saying that they've known each other for 20 years so whatever they say to each other, they've heard it all before. Trips reminds Orton to not let the Suit fool him because on Friday he will kick his arse. Randy says that he will add another notch to his legend killer belt. Trips puts him over by saying that Orton is one of the best ever to step into the squared circle, but he isn't 'the one'. As Hunter goes to leave, Randy Orton stops him and asks Triple H to promise him one thing, and that is to remember to get his balls out from Stephanies purse. HHH replies that they are just too big and just a burden to carry around, but Orton wouldn't know anything about that because he doesn't have any.

Ricochet vs Cesaro - The rubber match after their previous 2 fantastic matches in as many weeks, the crowd were super into this and despite not being the best out of the 3 matches, it didn't disappoint. Ricochet picking up the victory with a roll up, but Cesaro wasn't finished, attacking the one and only
from behind. Cesaro then went to grab a ladder from under the ring but that wasn't good enough for him, instead grabbing a table, but it had a little surprise on it and R-Truth was somehow led on the ladder having hidden under the ring for the whole night. With Truth blowing his cover, all the lower
to midcard wrestlers came running out, but they couldn't stop Truth, with Drake Maverick finally getting 1 on 1 with R-Truth, but being hit with a super kick by Carmella. The 2 manage to run through the crowd and get away

Undertaker comes out to promote his match with Goldberg on Friday, nothing to see here.

Monday Night RAW Rating - *** 1/4 - I didn’t really hate anything on this RAW, I didn’t mind the Seth/Brock segments, Firefly Fun House was the best one yet, Triple H and Randy Orton promo was funny and straight to the point. The only things to let it down were the Evans vs Charlotte match and the weird decision for Rey Mysterio to just give Samoa Joe the title back

Match of the Night - Ricochet vs Cesaro
Segment of the Night - Firefly Fun House

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