Smackdown Live - 18th June 2019

WWE has its last chance to boost ticket sales for this Sundays Stomping Grounds Pay Per View, will this weeks Go Home Episode of Smackdown Live provide that?

The New Day come out to kick the show off and they talk about how Dolph Ziggler has to get through Xavier Woods before his Steel Cage match against Kofi Kingston on Sunday. It didn’t take long for Ziggler to come out and interrupt. Dolph says that Kingston won’t be able to hide behind the New Day on Sunday and he WILL become the new WWE Champion. Goes on to say that Kofi will have go back to Ghana to tell everyone that he has failed them. Kingston promises that his journey will continue after Sunday.

Dolph Ziggler v Xavier Woods

It wasn’t long before we had some interference in this match, as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn come out to attack Kofi Kingston and Big E, which distracts Xavier Woods, who was on the top turnbuckle at the time. Woods hits a dive off the top to wipe out the Heel pair before the referee throws not only Zayn and KO, but also Big E and Kingston.

Not long after this, Ziggler hits a flurry of brutal Superkicks on Woods before hitting the Zig Zag and pinning Xavier to pick up the Victory.

Moment of Bliss

Once again, Bayley is this weeks guest, but we can’t start until Alexa Bliss has her coffee. The only problem with that is that Bayley comes out with the Coffee and starts drinking it. Theres a back and forth with Bliss accusing Bayley once again of being two faced and not a very nice person, referencing last night when she cost Nikki Cross the chance to be a WWE Womens Tag Team Champion. Bayley replies by saying that Bliss is just a entitled little princess but Alexa comes back by saying that Bayley peaked in NXT. A brawl breaks out but Cross is there to help Bliss and to drag Bayley off, this gave Bliss enough time to strike while Bayley had locked eyes on Nikki.

Heavy Machinery v B-Team

Daniel Bryan and Rowan on Commentary for this match (Well, Rowan didn’t speak) and it is confirmed that they will defend their Smackdown Tag Team Championships against Heavy Machinery at Stomping Grounds, with instantly gives away the result for this match as they weren’t going to lose to a team that, no offense intended, aren’t going to get anywhere near the titles any time soon.

As expected, Heavy Machinery pick up a swift victory. After the Match, B-Team are attacked by Seth Rollins for talking to Baron Corbin about the vacant Special Guest Referee role on Sunday. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens find Shane McMahon to say that they don’t feel comfortable with Seth Rollins being here, so Shane put them in a tag team match with him and Kofi, Okay Shane!

Aleister Black is still looking for someone to pick a fight with him, its probably best for you to find someone at this point pal, otherwise you’re never going to have a match again.

Out comes Shane McMahon, Elias and Drew McIntyre, with the latter cutting a promo on Roman Reigns, but it wasn’t long before a certain A-Lister interrupted.

Miz shows us a couple of video packages of last nights attack on Shane McMahon and then proclaims that he will host a VERY special edition of Miz TV and it will be filled of highlights of Roman defeating McIntyre at Stomping Grounds. He then says what the entire WWE Universe have been saying and that is we are SICK and TIRED of seeing Shane McMahon twice a week, taking opportunities from people that deserve it.

Shane McMahon then offers down a challenge for Miz to find a Tag Team Partner in the next 10 seconds as he will face Drew McIntyre and Elias right now, luckily, R-Truth comes out from under the ring which Miz spotted and Awesome Truth reunites for one night only.

R-Truth & The Miz v Elias & Drew McIntyre

This match was a Elimination match and it didn’t last that long (10 minutes or so?). R-Truth is first eliminated by Elias before being chased around the arena by half the roster who want his 24/7 Championship and it wasn’t long after that where Drew McIntyre hit a Claymore on The Miz to pick up a whitewash victory for Shanes Boys.

After the Match, Drew hits 2 more Claymores to Miz as a warning to Roman Reigns.

Ember Moon has a scrap with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville back stage.

R-Truth is running to a car, but a referee comes out the car, Truth questioning whether he worked as a Uber Driver aswell as a Ref. Truth turns around to see Carmella behind, except it wasn’t Carmella, it was Drake Maverick in cosplay. Roll up, Maverick using the car seat to put his feet on as leverage and FINALLY, Drake Maverick has achieved what he has been clambering for, he is the NEW 24/7 Championship. He might be in some trouble though as he steals the Referees car to make his getaway.

Seth Rollins & Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

This match, much like last night, turned into a 2 out of 3 falls match for no apparent reason and a repeat of last night (RAW Lite anyone?) it is a whitewash victory for the Baby faces, Kofi Kingston hitting a trouble in paradise on Sami Zayn after about 5 seconds to get the first fall and then Seth Rollins hitting the Stomp to Kevin Owens to finish off the match.

Smackdown Live Rating - *** 1/4

Just like RAW last night, there have been worse Smackdowns, I don’t know how these 2 will boost ticket sales too much, but hopefully it does.

Match of the Night

Dolph Ziggler vs Xavier Woods

Segment of the Night

Drake Maverick winning the 24/7 Champion (……Lempza)