205 Live - 18th June 2019

We kick off this weeks edition of 205 Live with Drake Maverick (In a pre recorded bit, his whereabouts are unknown after jogging on during Smackdown Live with the 24/7 Championship) confirming that, at Stomping Grounds, Tony Nese will defend his Cruiserweight Championship against both Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa after the 2 pinned each other at the same time last week. We also get a run down of what is going to happen on the show

Singh Brothers v Lucha House Party

Decent match between the feuding tag teams, the ending of the match saw Sunil Singh break the Lucha House Parties mascot Penelope and that did enough to distract the team and allow Samir Singh to roll up Lince Dorado to get the three count and pick up the win.

Noam Dar cuts a promo all the way from Magaluf (lads lads lads) with a cocktail in hand saying that he won’t return to 205 Live until Drake Maverick sorts it out and makes it a safe environment to work.

It turns out he went to Maga with best pal Brian Kendrick and unfortunately he’s lost his jacket in a club…….what do you mean they weren’t in Magaluf and actually back stage? are you trying to say it was FAKE?!

Brian Kendrick v Russ Taylor

Brian Kendrick manages to catch a flight from Maga to make it back in time to pick up a routine victory against a Local Competitor. Hopefully he can get back to Noam Dar quickly so they can get back on the lash.

Jack Gallagher has a back stage interview and says that he is bittersweet about the loss he picked up against Chad Gable last week, but they both know that there is unfinished business after the count out loss. Mike and Maria Kanellis interrupt the interview saying that Jack should be ashamed about the nature in which he lost and unable to get back into the ring. Mike then goes on to say how embarrassing it is that General Manager Drake Maverick left before 205 Live even started (Oi Mike, leave Spud alone to enjoy his victory you melt), before accusing Gallagher for being dead weight.

Maria references the rumours that both Mike and herself have signed new WWE Contracts, saying that having so much dead weight around is the reason why WWE fought so hard to keep them. The Former IWGP Tag Team Champion then says that hes fed out of being overlooked around here.

Gallagher then issues the challenge for next week, saying that he might be in a slump, but he is happy to give Mike a blackeye infront of his wife.

Ariya Daivari vs Oney Lorcan

I wasn’t a big fan of Ariya Daivari when he came back to 205 Live, but this feud with Oney Lorcan has impressed me no end. These 2 bring a different style of wrestling to the brand and they have mixed really well.

Finish of the match saw Lorcan pick up some momentum and hit a suicide dive onto Daivari, but Daivari didn’t particularly like this and hits Oney with a Steel Chair, causing the Disqualification. After the bell rang, Ariya started to beat up Lorcan some more, before dragging him up the ramp and throwing him into the LEDs. Looks like the feud isn’t over and we will more than likely get a No DQ match in the next few weeks.

The ending of 205 Live saw the men in the Cruiserweight Championship match each cut a promo about how they are going to win the Belt. Honestly don’t know who will win as there’s valid reasons for all 3 men to walk out of Stomping Grounds as the Champ.

205 Live Rating - ***

Not much too write home about, was a good show to have the people not in the title picture to show why they should be there.

Match of the Night

Ariya Daivari vs Oney Lorcan

Segment of the Night

Promos from the competitors in the Triple Threat

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