Monday Night RAW - 17th June 2019

It’s the go home show for Stomping Grounds and with ticket sales for the show not looking great, WWE needs to start something with this show to peak peoples interest.

Elias opens the show up, trash talking the Los Angeles crowd as well as the LA Lakers. Elias reveals that will be the referee for the Universal Title match between Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin, but then out of nowhere, Rollins attacks Elias with his trusted Steel Chair before saying that whoever chooses to be the referee will be answering to the chair. So at this point, even though Elias just announced he will be the referee, he’s actually not?

The Miz v Ricochet v Cesaro v Bobby Lashley v Braun Strowman

We get a Elimination match and whoever picks up the win will face Samoa Joe for the US Championship at Stomping Grounds. Elias is still in the ring during the entrances, each man hits something on him. Samoa Joe is also at ringside for this match.

Braun Strowman starts the match by cleaning house until Cesaro impressively manages to hit his reverse Angle Slam, but that wasn’t enough to keep the Monster amongst Men down as he hit a Running Powerslam on Cesaro, but then Powerslams Bobby Lashley onto the Swiss Cyborg before eliminating both men from the match. Strowman runs over Ricochet and Miz on the floor before throwing Miz back inside, but he didn’t expect the Spear from Lashley and a Neutralizer from Cesaro, with both already eliminating men helping to set up the 630 from Ricochet and all 3 men pinning and eliminating Braun.

Ricochet hits a Huricanrana on to Miz, setting up a flip dive to the outside. Back in the ring now and Ricochet counters the Skull Crushing Finale with a rollup but Miz manages to hit his DDT. Miz then locks on the Figure 4 after hitting The YES Kicks to apply pressure on the knees of Ricochet, but the former NXT North American C Champion manages to reverse the pressure, only to have Miz do the same until a rope break occurs. Ricochet then gets the upper hand, hitting his 630 onto The Miz to pick up the win and he is going to Stomping Grounds.

After the Match, Samoa Joe comes after Ricochet, but it didn’t go to plan as Ricochet got the upper hand on the US Champion.

Becky Lynch cuts a promo on Lacey Evans before calling her out for a fight. Evans talks about how jealous Becky is of her and how many things she’s done that Becky can never dream of. She’s a former US Marine who can run boot camp in the morning and a cotillion at night. All this falls on deaf ears though as Becky just wants to fight and as soon as Lacey steps in the ring, Lynch hits a Bexploder.

Viking Raiders v Local Competitors

Squash match, just there to lead into the next segment. Viking Raiders win after about 30 seconds.

R-Truth and Carmella are in disguise in the crowd but they get caught in a hurry. All the lads after the 24/7 Championship come out and chase Truth under the ring, they manages to drag a body out but it turns out to be Titus O’Neill who just love to spend time under the ring it seems. Truth and Carmella escape unscathed.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn Show

This weeks guest is Baron Corbin, with Sami Zayn proclaiming this to be a safe place from Seth Rollins, but quickly withdraws his name out of the hat for the Referees Job at Stomping Grounds (Kevin Owens does the same). Corbin says that he has found someone that was born to count 1-2-3…….EC3. As EC3 comes to the ring, Rollins chairs him down (A little too high as it looks like Seth caught the back on EC3s head). Baron Corbin says he has to go back to the drawing board then, before The New Day make a appearance

Sami says that they aren’t official Wildcards so they need to leave but since Kofi Kingston is champion, he goes wherever he wants. Owens says Kofi isn’t going to be champion after Sunday and even if he is, The next chance KO gets will make him WWE Champion. Corbin wants a six man tag, New Day accept the challenge but they need a Referee to make it official, luckily, EC3 is still on the stage, with Big E. and Woods shaking him up and down to nod yes. just to put him further into the ground. Poor Ethan.

New Day v Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

The confusion of this match was true, as out of nowhere, it turns into a 2 out of 3 falls match and they announce that Big E and Xavier Woods will take on Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, ALRIGHT THEN?!

New Day win 2-0, so really not much point in the whole stipulation, Pointless repeatable 6 man tag match, ugh.

Paul Heyman comes out to cut a promo on how uncomfortable he is because Seth Rollins is running around with a chair. Heyman confirms that he will NOT be guest referee on Sunday because he doesn’t want to get beaten up with a chair. He reveals that he had a thought of something earlier on in the day: what do Rollins and the Los Angeles Lakers have in common? They’ve both traded away their balls.

The Lakers traded away their (Lonzo) Ball so LeBron James can have a playmate when he loses again. Rollins traded his balls for a chair so he can fight Brock Lesnar. Brilliant, more bollock talk is something we love to hear if im honest. Heyman teases Rollins with a cash-in, saying that Lesnar might just be here tonight for when Seth faces Daniel Bryan later on tonight.

Usos v Good Brothers

Earlier on in the night, We find out that AJ Styles is cleared to return. The Good Brothers come in and they are bringing the jokes, but AJ wants to be serious and says they debuted three years ago right here in the Staples Center when they jumped the Usos. They’ve had some classics, but Styles thinks they’ve gotten comfortable. When is the last time they won a match? Gallows and Anderson didn’t like what they heard from their former Bullet Club Leader, but it looks like it has lit a fire under them.

The start of the match saw The Good Brothers dominate throughout, before they got a little bit too cocky and started to taunt and throwing up some 2 Sweets. This gives the Usos time to recover, reversing a Magic Killer before hitting Stereo Superkicks to Gallows to pick up the win. The Good Brothers are livid in the ring while AJ Styles is just as livid in the back.

Roman Reigns comes out and says that he isn’t happy with having to see a video of his loss to Shane McMahon at Super ShowDown. He wants to beat someone up tonight and offers the challenge to the Best in the World. Shane pops up on screen to refuse the challenge because Roman needs to worry about his match on Sunday with Drew McIntyre. Drew promises to beat Reigns up so bad that his children won’t recognise him afterwards, screaming at the sight of him.

Understandable, The Big Dog leaves the ring to find Shane and Drew, going through the crowd to a ‘VIP’ room where they were hiding. Roman proceeds to beat up the Revival and then puts Drew through a table before chasing Shane into the arena. A diving clothesline over the barricade brings Shane to the floor before the former Universal Champion hits a Superman Punch and a Spear, before telling McMahon to crawl back to the Drew and telling him the same thing will happen at Stomping Grounds.

Iconics (c) v Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss for the Womens Tag Team Championships

Once again, a Womens match doesn’t go for that long (think this match wasn’t close to hitting 5 minutes). It sees Bayley come out at ringside to keep a eye on what Alexa Bliss is doing. Peyton Royce rolls Nikki Cross up, but with the Referees back turned, Bayley grabs Alexa Bliss and the 2 start fighting. Iconics retain and they walk past Bayley, who was warning Bliss about her actions of the past few weeks. Bayley realises what she has done and looks a bit guilty about letting the team that beat her and Sasha Banks for the Tag Team Titles retain, but she sticks to her guns and warns Bliss to shut her mouth in future.

Firefly Fun House

Something is happening very soon and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bray Wyatt came out in front of the masses as soon as Stomping Ground is over. WATCH IT AND LET. HIM. IN.

Seth Rollins v Daniel Bryan (Non Title Match)

About a minute into the match, with Seth Rollins on top, Rowan decides to just hit Seth with his Iron Claw and causing a DQ, then a brawl happens…..What? New Day, Owens, Zayn, Revival and the Usos all end up in the ring and fight it out (How did we get here?!). New Day and Usos ended up on top.

Its then announced that the match will restart with no one allowed at Ringside. It was criminal to give these 2 less than 15 minutes as they could’ve brought some magic, it fell a little flat because of the brawl and Seth picks up the win after hitting his stomp.

After the match saw Baron Corbin hitting Seth Rollins with a Chair beats him down (including a shot that that once again looked a bit close to the head, Lads what you doing?!). Corbin poses with the title to end the show. No announcement on the referee.

Monday Night RAW Rating - *** 1/4

There have been worse RAWs, but it still has a lot of work to do to cut out some of the questionable segments.

Match of the Night

The Miz v Ricochet v Cesaro v Bobby Lashley v Braun Strowman

Segment of the Night

Firefly Fun House