WWE NXT - 8th May 2019

Mia Yim vs Bianca Bel Air - Good match up between the 2 with their feud starting last week with the promo from the PC and with the finish of this match happening how it did, it looks like its not ending anytime soon. Mia Yim tried to roll up Bianca Bel Air but Bianca sat down onto Mia but as she was holding onto the ropes, the referee correctly called her on it and stopped the count, due to the lack of concentration by Bel Air, Yim attempted a roll up again, but on the count of 2, The EST of NXT countered it back into a roll up of her own, but this time she wrapped her hair around the rope which the referee didn’t see, picking up the win which left Mia Yim bemused and wanting answers from the Ref.

Backstage footage showing the Viking Raiders being attacked in the parking lot area by the Forgotten Sons to what I will assume be the match at NXT TakeOver XXV for the NXT Tag Team Championships, atleast I hope so or this segment was pointless!

We get a video from the PC where Marina Shafir and Jessamyne Duke were being overlooked and coached through moves by Shayna Baszler, but during a spar, Io Shirai came out of no where and attacked Shayna before Duke and Shafir jumped in to protected their Horsewomen team mate. Candice Le Rae came in to help Shirai and her and other PC members managed to split them all up, Builds up the feud that bit more and I can’t wait for a title match between Baszler and Io.

Raul Mendoza vs Riddick Moss - Having never watched Riddick Moss before (not that I can remember anyway) I was really impressed by his character work and his heel antics were super entertaining, I believe this was his first match back from a bad injury he picked up last year. What was classed as a huge upset by Nigel McGuinness, Raul Mendoza pinned Riddick Moss to pick up the win after a okay match up.

Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole - With the apparent rift happening in the Undisputed Era, you couldn’t ignore the fact that Adam Cole came out with his stable mates in sight. The early proceedings were all Matt Riddle as he used he ground based wrestling skills to get on top of the former North American Champion, but a clever counter by Cole by which saw him pull Riddles feet from under him while on the top rope, that help throw the momentum in Adam Coles way. He threw this away though as he started trash talking the former MMA fighter which let him get back into the bout with both men doing their best to get on top, with Riddle finally getting there with some fast manoeuvring and quick combos. With some fantastic counter Wrestling between the 2 and some great chemistry, Adam Cole hit the last shot on to Riddle, only for the Original Bro to kick out of it and hit a knee to Cole which saw him roll out the ring. Roderick Strong came out to try and pick Cole up and got a kick in the chops for his troubles from Riddle, who then chucks Cole into the ring, but as the Ref was distracted with Strong, the Undisputed Era Leader super kicked Matt Riddle out of mid air and looked likely to pick up the win only for Riddle to roll up into a Bromission on the count of 2 to make Cole tap out.

After the match, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish came down and as they tried to pick Adam Cole up, he pushed Roderick Strong away and all 4 were arguing between themselves with themselves about who was in the wrong etc, it certainly looks like it will all blow very soon, could this be the start of the end for the Undisputed Era?


NXT Rating - *** 1/2 - Just like NXT UK, Good matches at the start and the finish, but we saw more meaningful segments in the middle that built up story lines quite well and with everything happening with the Undisputed Era at the moment, it certainly leaves you wanting next weeks episode to come sooner rather than later.

Match of the Night - Matt Riddle vs Adam Cole
Segment of the Night - Horsewomen and Io Shirai Brawl at the PC

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