NXT UK - 08th May 2019

We kick off NXT UK with Sid Scala giving us the news that in 4 weeks, a number one contender for the WWE UK Championship will be crowned in a Fatal 4 Way match, Tonight kicks off the Qualifying matches.

Moustache Mountain vs The Hunt - Still annoys me how Trent Seven said a few weeks back that he was going to let Tyler Bate go off on his own and let him spread his wings, yet since then, Bate has had 1 Singles match and 2 Tag Matches. Anyway, good opening match for the show despite not having a story behind it, was purely here just to show case the NXT UK tag division, which is fine for the time being as long as it builds tag teams up. Moustache Mountain picking up the expected win with Clothesline/Dragon Suplex.

Cameras cut backstage as we see Amir Jordan being helped to the trainers room by Kenny Williams after it looks like he has been attacked.

Joe Coffey vs Flash Morgan Webster - The first of the Qualifiers for the Fatal 4 Way match and with Glasgows own Joe Coffey being in the match, the Scottish crowd showed their love for him and eventually willed him on to pick up the victory (with a little help from Flash Morgan Webster mocking the crowd and letting Coffey get back into it) to advance into the Fatal 4 Way.

After the match, Gallus jumped on the mic to play up to the crowd and to remind everyone that Glasgow and NXT UK is their kingdom and that Coffey will not only win that match, but also become the next WWE UK Champion.

Nina Samuels vs Kasey Owens - Wasn’t really into this match, Was a okay match up but no more than that.

Dave Mastiff interview from before the show building up his feud with Wolfgang and building up the Fatal 4 Way match against the Gallus member next week. Did the job but wasn’t to spectacular. After he was done, The interview looked over by Kay Lee Ray came out of no where and demanded some time to call out Nina Samuels.

Grizzled Young Veterans come out and say that because Amir Jordans injury earlier, we will NOT be getting a Tag Team Title match tonight. Kenny Williams comes out to confirm that Jordan was injured and implied that both Zack Gibson and James Drake performed the attack, but he also said that we were stilling getting a NXT UK Tag Team Championship match tonight and luckily he was more mates backstage. Out comes the Supernova Noam Dar and the 2 Scotsman run down to the ring and attack the Champions

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Noam Dar & Kenny Williams for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships - With the return of Noam Dar and the return of Champagne Superbollocks, the crowd were instantly hooked into the match and the 4 in the ring lived up to the hope of the crowd by producing a very good match. With Noam Dars recent injury problems, The Grizzled Young Veterans targeted the knees of Dar but it didn’t effect The Supernova enough and he kept coming back and with a fantastic double submission spot to the Champions (which really got the crowd going) it looked like we would have new Tag Team Champions, but to no avail. Later in the match, James Drake had Noam Dar in a Boston Crab and Dar was about to tap but, something that I can’t remember seeing before, Kenny Williams came out of no where and grabbed Dars arm so he couldn’t tap before super kicking Drake out of the submission. All of the Scotsmens efforts were to no avail though as the Champions finally isolated the pair and with Drake rendering Dar useless by ramming his knee into the ring post, they both went after Williams and picked up the victory to retain the NXT UK Tag Team Championships, Really Good match, really unique at times and the crowd loved it.


NXT UK Rating - *** 1/4 - Really good start and finish to the show but the middle was abit lacklustre unfortunately

Match of the Night - Grizzled Young Veterans vs Kenny Willaims & Noam Dar
Segment of the Night - Noam Dar Returns

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