205 Live - 7th May 2019

Ariya Daivari vs Noam Dar - Really good to see Noam Dar back on 205 Live, as the last time we saw him was maybe around 6 weeks ago being taking out on a stretcher after a nasty looking knee injury in his match against Mark Andrews on #NXTUK. Tony Nese is on commentary as they build up his match with Ariya Daivari for the Cruiserweight Championship at Money in the Bank. Simple booking that worked well here. Both men had some good chemistry and some good chain wrestling between the 2. Both men had their moments on top but Ariya Daivari picks up the win with a lovely looking frog splash and his Hammerlock Lariat. After the match, Tony Nese snuck into the ring and walked up behind Daviari which made Ariya flinch to the other side of ring. Nese copied what Daviari said to him last week ‘I could’ve got you, but i chose not to, but i just wanted to let you know, i could’ve’. The mind games are in and im looking forward to their match at Money in the Bank.

Singh Brothers vs Jobbers - A way to give the Singh Brothers a win back after their return to 205 Live last week ended in defeat to the Lucha House Party. After the Match, they laid the gauntlet down to the LHP and challenged them to a rematch.

Backstage interview with Jack Gallagher talking about a match that is set up next week, a fatal 4 way between himself, Humberto Carrillo and NXT UKs Mark Andrews and James Drake (One half of the NXTUK Tag Team Champions). Carrillo interrupted Jack to say that next week he looks forward to beating him in his home country. These 2 have a interesting dynamic between them it seems but I can’t tell if it will lead to them tagging or feuding, its more of a mutual respect at the moment.

Akira Tozawa vs Mike Kanellis, No DQ Match - A great way to end the feud that has been brewing for a while now, with both Brian Kendrick and Maria Kanellis barred from ringside, it was refreshing to see these 2 just fight it out 1 on 1. Both men selling how much of the brawl it was and really teasing the crowd with table spots but not quite hitting it, but like they say, don’t tease something if you’re not going to do it and with 2 tables set up on the outside, we saw Mike Kanellis go to top rope before hoisting up Akira Tozawa, only for Tozawa to reverse it into a hurricanrana from the top rope through the tables on the outside with both men landing HARD. Akira rolled Mike into the ring, piled 3 or 4 chairs on top of his opponent and hit the Diving Senton (which Kanellis sold perfectly) to pick up the win in what was a great match.

Match of the Night - Akira Tozawa vs Mike Kanellis
Segment of the Night - Only the 1 segment of note and that was the Jack Gallagher interview, more about the Wrestling this week

205 Live Rating - *** 3/4 - Would’ve been 4 stars if it wasn’t jobbers that faced the Singh Brothers, but other than that it was a fantastic showing and simple but effective story telling and booking. Everyone knows I love the Cruiserweights and this week is why, they constantly put on a good show and deserve more eyes on the product.

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