Monday Night RAW - 06th May 2019

Opening Segment - Was just weird, having the superstar shakeup and then putting in a so called wildcard thing where 3 Smackdown Live superstars can be on RAW and vice versa for one week every now and again, just doesn't make any sense but it might make things abit unpredictable and gives the writers a chance to pull out a wildcard if a story line doesn't get over? A lot happened so it is really a case of You have to watch to understand, will have to wait and see where this goes.

AJ Styles & Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley & Baron Corbin - This match was made during the opening segment, I actually liked this match as they managed to get the crowd really involved and paced it really well, only for AJ Styles to accidentally Phenomenal forearm Seth Rollins, but instead of helping out his Money in the Bank opponent, AJ just walked off, which I found a little strange, he looked sorry but then just decided to ditch, leaving the Universal Champion to take the pin from Baron Corbin, I don't like champions losing in nothing TV matches, but i guess this helps build the feud up between AJ and Seth going into #MITB.

Braun Strowman came out during Sami Zayns speech and chased after him before literally putting Sami in a bin, The binmen came to take the trash and Strowman was in 2 minds whether to get Zayn out, but he decided against it and walked off, If this is the pay off of these promos from Sami then that’s really disappointing, I just wonder whether the writers bottled it a little because the promos were starting to get abit samey and they couldn't find a way out of this? or maybe Sami costs Strowman at Money in the Bank? once again, will have to wait and see.

Lucha House Party vs Jobbers - Why? Whats the point of a 205 Live Tag team beating Jobbers on RAW? They could easily have a 205 Tag Division and they don't need to be on RAW, they are all fantastic individuals who could all be exciting Cruiserweight Champions so either do that or bring in some tag titles for the Cruiserweights, These matches on RAW don't help anyone, certainly not the Lucha House Party.

Ricochet vs Robert Roode - Robert Roode beat Ricochet last week, so this week they are having another match but this time it has a stipulation, if Roode beats Ricochet again, then the One and Only will also lose his Money in the Bank spot to the Glorious one. Simple match, standard 50/50 booking with Ricochet picking up the win, unless a major push was coming Roodes way, they were never put him in the match.

Dominic and Rey Mysterio are back stage, Rey asks his son to get some water, little did he know that Samoa Joe was almost stalking Dominic, Joe accuses Dominic that it was intentions to embarrasses him last week when he celebrated with his dad after getting a fluke victory, im really really intrigued
where this is all going, Will Dominic get involved at MITB to help or maybe cost Mysterio (Unintentionally or maybe even Intentionally..) either way they have hooked me in with this very interesting dynamic.

Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs Viking Raiders - Non Title match (Lets just ignore the fact that the Champions got a Jobbers Entrance..) The crowd really didn't care for this match which is a shame but it just cements the fact of how dead the tag division on both brands are at the moment, Viking Raiders pick up a win and are surely Number 1 contenders for the RAW Tag Team Titles and hopefully they win it, that might get people more invested as I, personally, just can't get behind Ryder and Hawkins being Champions, abit like B Team.

Firefly Fun House - Explaining would do it a injustice. Watch it.

Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre - Wrestlemania rematch made during the opening segment, Decent match up between the 2, probably better than their Wrestlemania match with Roman Reigns almost looking frustrated at times due to not being able to put away Drew McIntyre, Roman finally managed to spear Drew only for Shane McMahon and Elias to come out of the crowd to attack Roman when he had it won, The Mizs music hits and he chases Shane away, while in the ring, Drew hits the Big Dog with a Claymore, the cameras then cut backstage to chase Miz and Shane, with Shane thinking he gave the Miz the slip, ran to his Limo only for Miz to be waiting with a steel chair in hand and started to brawl with his MITB opponent, Shane low blowed Miz and managed to get away, was all abit hectic while also being a good transition from match to brawl - I never really cared for Miz vs Shane and I only hope this doesn't mean that Drew will become one of Shanes lackeys but its plodding along fairly nicely but I wouldn't mind this feud to end sooner rather than later just to let Miz go after someone else.

Revival vs The Good Brothers - Both teams got Jobber entrances, i do hope the 2nd half of this year shows at least some love for Tag Team Wrestling because this is getting ridiculous, The Usos came out and and they put something that resembles deep heat into Revivals trunks, so yeah the Revival were rolling round with fiery mid drifts and the match never happened - so yeah, I reiterated that at least some love needs to go Tag Teams way because they desperately need it, please, i beg.

No Way Jose came out but Lars Sullivan cuts him off, More Smackdown Live wrestlers on RAW, RIP Superstar Shakeup - no love for this segment, couldn't care less unfortunately, but at least it is still making Lars looking like a monster.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship - Their match at Wrestlemania was by far match of the night so I was already excited for this rematch but we got off to a bad start with the champion coming out first, its literally the easiest thing to do. Obviously, this wasn’t as good as their Wrestlmania bout and abit sloppy at times but they still got the fans chanting and with all that, we ended RAW with the dream still going as Kofi Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise to pick up the pin fall victory - It was unneeded to really have this match, but if they start having more title matches on TV I guess thats only a good thing, aslong as it doesn’t take away from the big match feels of the PPV Title matches.


Match of the Night - AJ Styles & Seth Rollins vs Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley
Segment of the Night -
Samoa Joe confronts Dominic

Monday Night RAW Rating - ** 3/4 - With all this ‘Wildcard’ shenanigans, it felt messy at times and didn’t make a lot of sense, and most of the segments didn’t really help that, hopefully in the future this could mean some massive surprises on TV and if booked right, could make RAW and Smackdown must watch, but for now, abit lackluster.

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