A few changes to our Content

Theres going to be some changes to our Youtube Schedule (Will also effect the website slightly) .

Reviews of #RAW and #SDLive are no more as over the past couple of weeks, Jack has being watching it without taking notes or scrolling through social media during the shows and has found that he can enjoy the show a lot more if hes not trying to critic every little moment.

Written reviews will still be available, but will be scaled down a little bit. But to go with this, there will be written reviews of #WWENXT, #205Live and #NXTUK to complete the changes on the website. Everything to do with the written reviews will come into effect NEXT WEEK.

Due to work commitments, Smoothman will be stopping the #NJPW Weekly for a while, it may return at some stage, but not any time soon

To replace the reviews, Jack will be uploading a new weekly series that will look more into celebrating the wrestling rather than criticing it and it will be ‘WWE Top 5 matches of the Week’. No really need to explain it, but im going to anyway. Every week I will be choosing 5 of the best matches that WWE has produced in that week, this will include ALL WWE Products (RAW, Smackdown Live, 205 Live, NXTUK and NXT). I will be explain my reasonings why, it could be because the wrestling was great, or the story telling was on point or because they have done well in terms of building a wrestler up and making you invest into the match.

None of this will effect the Podcast itself, it will still be released every Thursday at around 11:00PM British time.

This will be our new schedule for the Youtube (No set times at it will vary week on week)
Monday - WWE PPV Match Ratings (When Applicable)
Tuesday - No Video
Wednesday - No Video
Thursday - Top 5 WWE Matches of the Week
Friday - Clip from our recent Podcast OR WWE PPV Predictions (When Applicable)
Saturday - Clip from our recent Podcast
Sunday - Clip from our recent Podcast

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