205 Live - 28th May 2019

205 Live starts with Jack Gallagher challenging Humberto Carrillo to a match to see, despite Carrillo picking up the win in that Fatal 4 way match in London, if he can actually beat the Mexican. Humberto accepts the challenge for later on tonight.

Brian Kendrick vs Mike Kanellis - Hot start by Brian Kendrick, but it wasn’t long before Mike Kanellis started to get the upper hand and asserted dominance on the match. End of the match hit the Sliced Bread onto Kanellis but Mike ended up underneath the ropes so he couldn’t get pinned. He then countered The Man with a plan to hit a spinning facebuster to pick up the pin fall victory over the former Cruiserweight Champion.

Tony Nese says that he wants to keep being a fighting champion and he wants to face the best in 205 Live, picks out Akira Tozawa to be the new number 1 contender after his performance in the Fatal 5 Way last week, Drake Maverick says he will take it under consideration but didn’t give a definitive answer.

Carrying on with that Fatal 5 Way, Ariya Daviari was in the training room with stitches in his ear, saying that he got them from the man that was stupid enough to stand in his way. Says that hes got unfinished business with Oney Lorcan and that he wants to be responsible for the next set of stitches that Lorcen gets.

Noam Dar vs Mike Karma - Noam Dar was playing mind games throughout this match due to Mike Karma being a ‘Local Competitor’ (Mike Karma is actually Mike Sydal, brother of Impact Wrestlings Matt Sydal FKA Evan Bourne). Dar picks up the easy victory and gets interviewed in the ring and was asked whether he had finally got back on track after that win, Dar pulls off a decent promo saying that he never left the track and that the only reason why he might of done was because of all the jet lag from keeping all the dafties in NXT UK and 205 Live in check.

Drake Maverick gets interviewed about the Tony Nese/Akira Tozawa but once again he said he had a lot on his plate at the moment so wouldn’t give a definitive answer. All that was revealed as the camera turned towards the end of the corridor where 24/7 Champion R-Truth was looking at Maverick, Drake gives chase to a retreating R-Truth

Jack Gallagher vs Humberto Carrillo - Really Good match this with both men constantly equalling each and neither being able to get on top of the match, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Cruiserweight Championship match at some point in the next year. With the Technical style meeting the Luchador style we got some great counters and great spots, but it was the Luchador Style of Carrillo that finally got the upper hand on Gallagher, hitting a mean looking DDT after a hold up suplex attempt, giving him enough time to hit his Twisting Splash to pick up another challenging victory.

205 Live - *** 1/2 - People complain about ‘lack of storys’ in 205 Live, it clearly just shows that they don’t watch it as this weeks episode saw the rivalry of Ariya Daivari and Oney Lorcen kick on, Tony Nese still wanting to prove himself as Cruiserweight Champion and Jack Gallagher wanting to prove he can beat Carrillo, but just coming up short.

Match of the Night - Jack Gallagher vs Humberto Carrillo
Segment of the Night - Can’t decide between the promos of Ariya Daivari or Oney Lorcen, both got their point across and can’t wait for their rivalry.

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