NXT UK - 29th May 2019

After last weeks WWE UK Championship match ended in controversy, The reigning Champion Walter came out with his new stable mates, Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel, to lay claim to NXT UK and to cemented their legacy by announcing their new name of Imperium. It wasn’t long before former WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne came out alongside British Strong Style companions, Tyler Bate and Trent Seven. A Brawl broke out in the ring with a camera man being knocked over, the screen going fuzzy and then going static to emphasize the chaos brewing. Sid Scala later announces that in 2 weeks time, both teams will face off against each other in what should be a absolute barnstormer of a match.

Mark Coffey & Wolfgang vs A-Kid & Carlos Romo - Gallus pretty much did all the offense during this match, but it wasn’t quite short enough to be a squash. A-Kid, who had that 5 star match with Zack Sabre Jr early last year out of no where, had a decent showing here and looking forward to seeing more of him. Wolfgang picking up the victory after pinning Carlos Romo with a power slam

Backstage interview with Xia Brookside talking about how she got left in the ring by Killer Kelly a few weeks back while Jinny introduced Jazzy Gabert to beat her down. Shes interrupted by Isla Dawn who offers how services to be Xia tag partner and to have her back if Jinny and Gabert come calling again, which Brookside accepts.

Joseph Connors segment where he calls out new guy on the bloke, Ilja Dragunov, saying that the Russian doesn’t know what intensity looks like until hes across the ring from Connors.

Video Package for the Number 1 contenders Fatal 4 Way match between Jordan Devlin, Dave Mastiff, Joe Coffey and Travis Banks. This match will take place next week.

Kassius Ohno vs Jack Gallagher - Some great technical mat wrestling in this match, wasn’t a fast paced match at all but the tactics on show from both men certainly made up for that. After some continued great counters and offense, Ohno hit his rolling forearm onto Gallagher and, despite the fact that Gentleman Jacks leg was fully under the ropes, Kassius picked up the pin fall victory and then dragging the leg of the 205 Live star back into the ring without the referee seeing.

Toni Storm (c) vs Nina Samuels for the NXT UK Womens Championship - A decent match up between the 2, but the much was also going to be hindered as you just couldn’t see Nina Samuels picking up the win here. Both women had some good chemistry though with Toni Storm doing well to make Samuels look strong, but after some good near falls and a bit of baby face fire from Storm, she hit the head butt and then the Storm Zero to pick up the win and retain her NXT UK Womens Championship.

NXT UK Rating - *** 1/4 - Really interested to see what the second coming of Ringkampf has to offer and how to match up with British Strong Style will turn out

Match of the Night - Kassius Ohno vs Jack Gallagher
Segment of the Night - Imperium vs British Strong Style

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