Smackdown Live - 28th May 2019

We kick the night off with 2 video packages, one of Dolph Zigglers attack on Kofi Kingston and the other was the turn from Kevin Owens. KO comes down to the ring and cut a promo about Oklahoma not being worthy of a Kevin Owens Show, but he also mentions how, despite being blamed for it, he wasn't the one that attacked Big E last week, but if they are going to blame him for anything, its should be the fact that he has caused endless pain to Xavier Woods after he power bombed Woods onto the Apron a few weeks back. Kofi Kingston comes out and tells him to stop lying and even if he said that he didn't attack Big E, everyone knows that he did. Kofi says that Owens is lying to himself if he thinks that he is going to soften him up for Dolph Ziggler at Super Show Down and that he is going to get the revenge for E and Woods for what KO has done to them these past Weeks

Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens - A decent enough match up, with the expected result of Kofi Kingston getting the W after hitting the Trouble in Paradise, no attack from Dolph Ziggler which made for a nice change to be honest, we don't need a attack every week.

Daniel Bryan and Rowan come out and jump straight into it and says that the Tag Team Division is a joke but they have ambition and purpose to become the greatest WWE tag team of all time, but they dedicate their whole lives to saving their plant, unlike the crowd of course. Bryan goes on and craps on Oklahoma for a bit and what harm they do to the planet. Kayla (The Interviewer) says that she has been told that a Tag Team are willing to take them on, none other than the Meat Loving, Steaks and Weights, Heavy Machinery. They offer out the challenge for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships which Bryan accepts, just not this week as he doesn't want to perform in front of the Oklahoma crowd.

Carmella vs Mandy Rose - A lot was made of Mandy Rose being on a Muscle Magazine which is.....great i guess? The crowd weren't really invested in this match and were sat on their hands all match. Anyway Mandy Rose picked up a roll up victory after Sonya Deville got up on the apron for a distraction

Shane McMahon Appreciation Night, we can thank Drew McIntyre for this apparently - We get a video package of Shanes Career, with the purpose being to show Roman Reigns just how good Shane is. The segment gets interrupted by R-Truth and Drake Maverick as the chase for the 24/7 Championship is still on, but it was Truth that successfully defended the title, only for Shane, Drew and Elias to beat him down and from this, we get a new 24/7 Champion in Elias, his first bit of gold in WWE. McMahon then makes a match for the main event which will see Drew and Elias go up against a broken R-Truth and Roman Reigns.

Bayley vs Lacey Evans - Charlotte Flair on Commentary as her and Lacey Evans seem to be Best Mates now, Finish of the match saw Bayley strike Charlotte, Flair chased after the Smackdown Live Womens Champion into the ring which caused the Ref to intervene. Lacey managed to roll up Bayley but the Ref was still distracted, when he did finally realise a pin fall was happening, Bayley countered it into a roll up of her own and picked up the Victory. After the Match, Evans attacked Charlotte from behind only for Flair to hit a Big Boot and get the upper hand, guess they are not Best Mates now

Some Super Show Down 'Hype' with a video package for Triple H vs Randy Orton and a promo from Andrade talking about how Finn needs to bring out his inner demon out in Saudi Arabia

Firefly Fun House - You better watch it, if not me and you are going to have some major problems you monster.

Roman Reigns & R-Truth vs Drew McIntyre & Elias - R-Truth gets attacked by Drew McIntyre and Elias once again during his entrance, but he has enough of that baby face fire in him to get himself into the match. This match just went through the motions really, with Roman Reigns pinning Elias after a failed interference by Shane McMahon. After the match, Roman speared Elias again, allowing Truth to pin him to regain his 24/7 Championship.

Smackdown Live Rating - ** 3/4 - Nothing happened really, the show just went through the motions and I don’t think my facial expressions changed throughout.

Match of the Night - Kofi Kingston vs Kevin Owens
Segment of the Night - Firefly Fun House

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