Monday Night RAW - 27th May 2019

First off, have to apologise about lack of content last week, I took a week off watching WWE content just to recharge my batteries.

We open up Monday Night RAW with a Memorial Day video package, then move on to Kofi Kingston coming out to the ring along with a video package of Dolph Zigglers attack from last week. Kofi says that Dolph didn't manage to end him and he’s still standing strong, but that’s not what he’s here for. Tonight is the night Brock Lesnar chooses who he will cash in his Money in the Bank contract on, saying that he wants to prove he is the best WWE Champion ever so he wants Brock to cash it in on him tonight. Seth Rollins comes out saying he doesn't want to wait for a decision either, calling out The Beast. Coming out with brand new Boombox merch and a new look MITB briefcase, which is, you guessed it, a boombox. He’s going round laughing and messing around - I’m not going to lie, I laughed at every moment in this part of the segment, Brock was fantastic. Seth Rollins has had enough and walks to the back which ends the Brock Party. Paul Heyman says that because of the Beast Slayers actions, we wont find out Lesnars answer until later on in the night. As Heyman and Brock walk to the back, Kofi steps out of the ring, only to be once again attacked by Dolph Ziggler, but this time, Xavier Woods came out to make the save and chase Ziggler off. We come back from commercials and officials and Woods are helping Kingston to the back only for Ziggler to return and ambush Xavier to give him the same beating that he gave the WWE Champion last week. Once again we come back from commercial and we are still on this segment, Kofi and Xavier are in the ring after Kingston came down to help Woods from Ziggler. Dolph stands at the top of the ramp and cuts a promo really putting over how good Kofi as WWE Champion has been, but at Super Show Down he will end all that and become the new WWE Champion

Shane McMahon comes out with Drew McIntyre to say that he was taught about respect when he was younger, but Roman Reigns clearly didn't and thats why he attacked Vince and that’s why he attacked another mans father. Talks about Romans blood line. It was a lengthy promo and the crowd didn't like it one bit, chanting 'This is Boring' at Shane during his Promo"

Shane McMahon vs Lance Anoa'i - One of Romans Cousins, it took 50 minutes of RAW to actually have a match, except this wasn't really a match as before the bell, Drew McIntyre destroyed Lance so Shane could pick up a easy win - AEW chants and 'This is awful' chants continue throughout the match, which i don't really blame the crowd for really. Roman Reigns comes out to save his cousin.

Brock Lesnar comes out again, and it looks like he’s going to announce who he will cash in on, Seth Rollins comes out to hear the decision first hand. Paul Heyman reads out a contract which mentions that the Briefcase Holder has a year to cash it in, which Brock didn't know. Brock smacks up Heyman with the contract, says screw you to Seth and then him and Heyman walk to the back, got to wait a little longer to see who Brock wants to face it seems

Becky Lynch & Nikki Cross vs Iconics - Finally a actual match, and it was a pretty fast paced match at that which flowed quite well, Becky picking up the pinfall victory after what looked like the weakest rock bottom on Peyton Royce i've ever seen.

Cesaro vs Ricochet - Once again, these 2 put on a great match and if theres a feud that could do with a best of 7, I really wouldn't mind it being this. Some great counters with a Canadian Destroyer from Ricochet, and then the finish of the match saw some great agility from Ricochet saw him do a handstand from the outside onto to Cesaro, who was lent up against the ropes inside the ring. Cesaro pulls Ricochet up into the ring only for The One and Only to hit what looked like a Hurricanrana Brain Buster Sit out Pin to pick up the pin fall victory.

"Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin vs The Miz vs Bobby Lashley - Elimination Fatal 4 Way match to determine the Number 1 Contendership for the Universal Championship - This quickly turned into a Tag Team style match as Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin dominated over Braun Strowman and The Miz, Braun Strowman manages to get the upper hand on Bobby Lashley and they fought throughout the crowd which apparently meant that they both got eliminated even though that’s not really how it works...anyway, Baron Corbin hit The Miz with the End of Days to pick up the Victory and will face Seth Rollins at Super Show Down.

Firefly Fun House - WATCH IT MY GUY

A New Segment debuts as Corey Graves hosts 'The Electric Chair' where a Wrestler answers WWE Universes question, whats that? Alexa Bliss did this with Sasha and Bayley? nah that never happened pal, this is brand new and unique. First Guest on the show is Sami Zayn and they didn't even have plants in the crowd, they literally had the awkwardness of normal fans asking weird questions. Sami comes out and says that they need to ask better questions, or ask him about AEW which certainly popped the crowd. Seth Rollins comes out and when we come back from commercial, We have a impromptu match between the 2

Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn - Great way to end RAW with both men getting around 20/25 minutes to have a match and ofcourse, both men having great chemistry with each other. Seth Rollins performs a suicide dive but he buckled his knee on landing which did look legit but you can never tell when it comes to Seth and Knee Injury spots in matches. Sami Zayn keeps trying to lock in submissions to the bad knee, Rollins manages to throw Zayn out the ring and as Sami gets back inside, Seth hits the Curb Stomp and picks up the victory

RAW Rating - ** 3/4 - First hour severally hindered this show and was possibly the worst hour of RAW, atleast from what I can remember. Next 2 hours saved it a little as there were actual Wrestling but the damage had already been done

Match of the Night - Ricochet vs Cesaro
Segment of the Night - Brocky Boom Box

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