Money in the Bank - 19th May 2019

PRESHOW - Usos vs Daniel Bryan - its a preshow match for a feud where both teams are on different brands, Decent match but i couldn’t really care. Usos pick up the win with the double splash - ** 3/4

Womens Money in the Bank match - Hectic from the start which made it exciting and interesting, but it took a casualty as Carmella had to go taken to the back due to a injury to her right knee by the looks of it which is a shame because it definitely didn’t look like a work. The match had some good spots in and was completely different to last years match which is always good. Ember Moon hit a fantastic looking Eclipse onto Natalya, jumping from a ladder which was outside the ring back into the ring, but then as Mandy Rose tries to go up the ladder, Carmella then comes back out all bandaged up and superkicked Mandy Rose. She then went to climb up the ladder herself only for Sonya Deville to drag her down, spear her, grab Mandy and carry her up the ladder. Destined to win, Rose looked like she froze up and Bayley ran up the ladder and pushed them both off, she grabbed the briefcase and Bayley is your new Ms Money in the Bank. - ***

Samoa Joe (c) vs Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship - Short match, Samoa Joe somehow got busted open and then Rey Mysterio pinned Joe despite the Champs shoulder being up the whole time. Rey is your new United States Champion.- ** 1/2 - After the match, Dominic came down to celebrate but Samoa Joe demolished Rey Mysterio and made Dominic watch.

The Miz vs Shane McMahon inside a Steel Cage - Hated this match, was so bored watching it, Shane McMahon wins after someone getting out the grasp of Miz and dropping to the floor. * 1/2

Tony Nese (c) vs Ariya Daivari for the Cruiserweight Championship - This match got plenty of time which is great to see and, despite it not being on the same level of a Buddy Murphy match, it still drew in reactions from the crowd and also commentary did a great job in putting over the story between these 2, Tony Nese retaining his Cruiserweight Championship after a Running Nese. *** 1/4

Becky Lynch (c) vs Lacey Evans for the RAW Womens Championship - Once again, the ref fucks up the finish as this time Lacey Evans has Becky Lynchs shoulders down for atleast a 4 count but the ref was refusing to count for some reason, Becky then turned in to a DisarmHer to pick up a victroy and retain her RAW Womens Championship - ***

Becky Lynch (c) vs Charlotte Flair for the Smackdown Live Womens Championship - Charlotte Flair instantly came out after the last match finished wanting to have her match now and, with Beckys ego possibly getting in the way, accepts to have it now. Lacey Evans comes out and hits a Womens Right onto Becky, leading Charlotte to hit a big boot onto Becky (Which was no where near) to win the Smackdown Live Womens Championship - ***

After the Match, Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans were attacking Becky Lynch before Bayley came out to make the save, but Charlotte got the better of her, only for her to get a bit to greedy and try to finish Bayley off, only for Bayley to counter and Cash in her Money in the Bank Contract, hitting the Elbow drop and Bayley is your new Smackdown Live Womens Champion.

Elias hit Roman Reigns with a Guitar backstage before their match, he then came out to perform a song for the crowd, but this time no interruption. As he walked back up the ramp, Romans music hit and The Big Dog dragged Elias back to the ring.

Roman Reigns vs Elias - One Spear, boom, Roman Reigns Wins. - ** 1/2

Seth Rollins (c) vs AJ Styles for the Universal Championship - As expected, this match flowed well and it had flashes of excellence, it certainly didn’t disappoint in my eyes. It got a perfect amount of time and they kept the fans entertained throughout. A lovely, lovely counter by AJ Styles saw Seth Rollins go for the Curb Stomp, only the AJ to turn it into the Styles Clash, but Rollins kicked out at 2.9999999. Seth Rollins recovers enough to hit the Curb Stomp this time and pick up the win to retain his Universal Champion. - **** 1/4 - My Match of the Night and at this moment of time, my Main Roster Match of the Year.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship - This was, in a way, the filler match between the Universal Match and Money in the Bank match, but it was still a very good match and once again, kept the crowd entertained throughout but it wasn’t easy to keep fully focused, Kofi Kingston countered a Swanton Bomb by lifting his knees and then hitting the Trouble in Paradise to Kevin Owens to retain his WWE Championship - *** 1/2

Mens Money in the Bank Match - Sami Zayn was attacked earlier on in the night and didn’t come out here, and well, this match was absolute hectic and 5 or 6 absolutely insane spots happening made this absolutely incredible, each men (maybe apart from Randy Orton, he didn’t do too match) took a absolute beating, especially Finn Balor who took 3 hellacious bumps onto ladders, its a good job hes not on Monday Nights anymore because hes not moving tomorrow. But what all the wrestlers did was put into vain as a certain someone ran out to ruin the party, you’ve guessed it, Vince McMahons favourite red faced beast Brock Lesnar ran out to stop Ali getting the briefcase and to retrieve it himself. With that Ladies and Gentlemen, Brock Lesnar is your new Mr Money in the Bank and honestly, i don’t know how to feel. - *** 1/2 - it would’ve got a **** or higher had one of the guys in the match actually won but it was certainly a shock that Brock came out.

MITB Rating - *** 1/4 - First half was horrible viewing in my eyes, but the 2nd half of the show was exciting, edge of your seat stuff which saved the rating a little bit

Match of the Night - Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles

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