NXT - 15th May 2019

We kick things off tonight with the announcement that Percy Watson is no longer on commentary and he will be replaced by Hall of Famer, Beth Phoenix.

War Raiders/Viking Raiders come out to the ring saying that over the past few weeks, they have been raiding war and they are not finished doing so. They call out General Manager William Regal to say that they have proven that no one can take the NXT Tag Team Championships from them, so they are going to relinquish them tonight. Street Profits quickly come out and said that, despite losing a few weeks back, The Viking Raider realised that the Profits CAN beat them. They mock the Raiders about their name change and thats enough to rile them up. They grab the titles back off Regal and demand a match is set. Regal confirms that later on tonight, it will be Viking Raiders vs Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Segment with Undisputed Era talking about last week and the argument between Adam Cole and Roderick Strong, but something was happening in the background, with a bunch of suits running around which were distracting UE. Roderick Strong comes out from the background with a flip flop in hand saying to Cole that He was right, UE are stronger when everyone is on the same page. He then informs his 3 stable mates that the Matt Riddle ‘problem’ isn’t a problem anymore, handing the flip flop to Cole. The Undisputed Era leader hands Roddy the armband back and they walk off in celebration.

Keith Lee vs Cezar Bononi - Keith Lee returns to action after being injured for a few weeks. I don’t know if I’ve seen Bononi wrestle before, i can’t remember either way, but he looks quite a unit, but unfortunate for him, This was all about Keith Lee who picks up the victory after a sit out power bomb after a short match.

We have a reminder of last weeks brawl between Io Shirai and Shayna Baszler and its confirmed that at NXT Takeover coming up soon, Baszler will have to defend her NXT Womens Championship against the Genius of the Sky. During this segment, Forgotten Sons come in and say that they demand answers from William Regal on why Street Profits got handed a title chance.

Kushida vs Kona Reeves - During this match, Drew Gulak comes out to ‘observe’ the match and it seems to distract Kushida a bit and gives Kona Reeves a chance to get on top of the match, but it wasn’t long before Kushida showed his quickness and ability to win back the momentum, making Reeves tap out to the Hoverboard lock. Drew Gulak looks far from pleased with what he saw and walks away.

Mia Yim and Bianca Bel Air bump into each each other in the hall way, with Bianca accusing Yim of trying to sneak a title opportunity against Shayna Baszler, but Mia shoots her down, saying that she was actually demanding a rematch with Bel Air after she took a shortcut in their match last week.

Johnny Gargano is checking up on Matt Riddle in the trainers room after earliers attack, A interviewer catches up with Johnny who says that he doesn’t care whether the Undisputed Era are back together or not, but hes spoken to William Regal and at Takeover, he will be defending his NXT Championship against Adam Cole.

Vanessa Bourne vs Jessie Elaban - Its good to see that they are trying to build up the lower-mid card of the Womens Division, with the likes of Vanessa Bourne and Aliyah being given alot of time on TV, granted this wasn’t a long match, with Bourne picking up the victory, but all they need to do is have these 2 constantly win matches and they will be serious contenders fairly soon.

Viking Raiders (c) vs Street Profits for the NXT Tag Team Championships - This match when from 0-100 real quick as both teams went after each other straight away, with a fantastic near fall happening when Montez Ford did a fantastic frog splash after about 3 minutes into the match which almost had the match won, Only for Ivar to kick out at 2.9. We quickly realized why the match went as it did, as the Forgotten Sons came out and started scraping with Ivar on the outside, causing the Disqualification and throwing the match out. All 3 teams start brawling only to for Danny Burch and Oney Lorcen join the fray and get involved. We then got Street Profits take down Erik and mockingly pin the Champion and celebrate like they won the match, they quickly ran away, leaving the Viking Raiders to destroy the other 2 teams and with all that happening, it seems like we are going to get a Fatal 4 way at Takeover for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

NXT Rating - *** - A fairly weak showing from the black and gold brand in my opinion this week, nothing really of note but they did manage to set up matches for NXT Takeover on June 1st, next week should see some build towards that, hopefully.

Match of the Night - Honestly, none of them really stood out, I’m going to give it to Viking Raiders vs Street Profits, they didn’t have much time to do much, but they still performed okay in that time.
Segment of the Night - Once again, nothing particularly stood out but because I still don’t know which way its going to go, i’ll give this to the Undisputed Era segment.

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