Smackdown Live - 14th May 2019

Roman Reigns comes out to kick off Smackdown Live, once again in London, saying that he isn't going to wait until Money in the Bank after what happened last night on Monday Night RAW, he brings out The Miz as they talk about this Sundays Pay Per View. It wasn't long before Shane McMahon and Elias come out to confront them, Shane saying that Miz is, at this time, not only banned from ringside but also banned from the Arena. McMahon says that they would make them leave but they have a couple of others who hate The Miz just as much as they do, so out comes the new Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions, Rowan and Long term rival of Miz, Daniel Bryan. They circle the ring and start beating down the faces. It wasn't long before some help arrived as The Usos come to the aid, or try to atleast as Rowan floors them but the former Tag Champions gave the other 2 enough time to recover and they regrouped and kicked the heels out of the ring.We come back from commercials and Shane McMahon makes a match between the 4 heels vs Usos and Roman Reigns and if Miz interferes then their match on Sunday will be Cancelled

Randy Orton vs Andrade vs Ali vs Finn Balor - Promos from Randy Orton and Andrade/Celina Vega talking Money in the Bank, not much to really talk about here. Most of early goings were dominated by Ali and Randy Orton with both men producing some lovely stuff but it wasn't long before Andrade cleared the ring and himself and Finn Balor had their turn to go at it for a little bit. All 4 men flowed well together with some great counters and all looking strong going into Money in the Bank. Andrade then dragged out 2 ladders from under the ring (Remember, No DQ due to it being a Fatal 4 way) and smacked Randy and Finn with them before Ali superkicked him out the ring, but a brutal looking spot saw Ali go for a suicide dive
onto Andrade, only for El Idolo to hold up the ladder he left on the outside so Ali flew straight into it. Ali went up to the top rope to hit a 450 onto Balor but Finn rolled out the way and as Ali rolled through, got hit by a lovely RKO, i popped a little bit for that. finish of the match saw Andrade hit the Hammerlock DDT onto the Intercontinental Champion and picking up the victory. Great Match. After the match, Andrade did the standard thing of going up to grab the breifcase, only for RAWs Ricochets music to hit and the One and Only ran down to the ring, jumped off the top rope and onto the ladder to knock Andrade off and retrieve the briefcase himself. I honestly have no clue who is going to win the Mens Money in the Bank match.

Charlotte Flair comes out and says that this Sunday, her rivalry with Becky Lynch will come to a end with her regaining what is rightfully hers, the Smackdown Live Womens Championship. We then get a video package looking through their careers in WWE including going back to 2014 when they debuted on NXT. And that was it, we swiftly moved on to the next thing. Really weird to have Charlotte come out for 30 seconds just to show a
video package but hey ho.

Shane McMahon, Elias, Rowan & Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns & The Usos - Early goings saw the heel team instantly target Jey Usos hamstrings and managed to seperate him from his Brother and Cousin. Jey finally managed to fight back and managed to tag in Roman Reigns who went straight after Daniel Bryan but as he went for the Superman Punch, Bryan countered it with a kick to the mid drift of The Big Dog and the momentum swung back into the favour of the heels. Roman managed to tag in Jimmy Uso who started to chuck Superkicks to everyone and the pace of the match really started to pick up with everyone getting their moves in, a Superman Punch to Rowan on the outside distracted everyone from the fact that Jey Uso was in the corner, leaving Shane McMahon to hit a Coast to Coast and pick up the victory. As soon as the bell rings, The Miz came running out with a steel chair in hand to help the faces stand tall with the heels running away. Good match which kept the crowd invested throughout with every member of the match looking strong.

Firefly Fun House - I know I already reviewed in on the RAW Review (Kind of) but its just so good I had to include it in here aswell. Absolutely incredible

.Kairi Sane & Asuka vs Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville - Paige reveals that Asuka & Kairi Sanes new name is Kabuki Warriors, not too fussed by this as nothing can be as bad as Viking Experience. Iconics are on commentary for this one aswell just so we don't forget about them being Womens Tag Team Champions. Finish of the match saw Sonya Deville control Asuka but Mandy Rose was calling for the tag, Deville reluctantly tagged Rose in but as Mandy went after Asuka, the former Smackdown Live Womens Champion rolled her up to pick up the win. Okay match, not much really to talk about in this one.

Lars Sullivan video package, probably cost them $100,000 to put it together. They went to do a interview, but the interviewer ran away in fear that Sullivan might actually talk.

Kevin Owens Show with guest Kofi Kingston - Kofi Kingston already in the ring but no sign of Kevin Owens, so Kingston jokes that hes going to rename the show The Kofi Show. Owens comes onto the Titantron and says that finally for the first time in a while, Kofi is on his own and without Big E or Xavier Woods by his side due to injury. We get a video package from Owens but Kofi has had enough and calls KO to the ring. He obliges but doesn't go into the ring, forcing Kingston to run after him, only for Sami Zayn to come out and help his friend. Woods comes out to try and aid his New Day Brother but to no avail. Kevin Owens holds Kofi Kingston in the corner while he trash talks him, he then goes for a cannon ball only for the WWE Champion to roll away, Sami then tries a Helluva Kick but once again, Kofi moves away and hits a Trouble in Paradise on him.

Smackdown Live Rating - *** 1/2 - Enjoyed myself tonight, especially the Fatal 4 Way match which was great, some weird moment but overall, really good in my opinion.

Match of the Night - Randy Orton vs Andrade vs Ali vs Finn Balor
Segment of the Night - Firefly Fun House (YES ITS 2 DAYS IN A ROW SUE ME)

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