NXT UK - 15th May 2019

Piper Niven vs Jamie Hayter - The Home country crowd were behind Piper Niven as she made light work of her opponent to kick things of on tonights NXT UK, winning with Michinoku Driver

Interview with Toni Storm warning Nina Samuels not to mention her family and that she wants to face Nina more than Nina wants to face her, even putting her Womens Championship on the line, very passionate promo from Storm.

Kassius Ohno interrupts Sid Scala during a interview wanting to know why he wasn’t involved in the qualifying matches for the Fatal 4 way number 1 contender match, almost forcing Sid to make a decision on the spot, but Scala said that he will talk with Johnny Saint and Ohno will get a answer on next weeks NXT UK.

Jordan Devlin vs Ligero - This match is a one of the 4 qualifying matches for that Fatal 4 way match, with Joe Coffey already booking his place last week, who will join him? These 2 have probably wrestled each other countless times on the independent scene and you can tell because they had some great chemistry together and with some good near falls, I couldn’t tell who was going to qualify. But after Devlin caught Ligero on the ropes, hitting a lovely side suplex onto Ligero, the Irish Ace booked a place into the Fatal 4 Way, after the match, Devlin got on the microphone and said that he didn’t need a qualify, he doesn’t even need a Number 1 contendership match because he is ALREADY the Number 1 contender in NXT UK.

Moustache Mountain say that its great that their British Strong Style brother Pete Dunne is getting a rematch against Walter, but all they are worried about is getting a rematch of their own, that rematch being against Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships

Ilja Dragunov vs Jack Starz - Ilja Dragunov making his NXT UK debut tonight against Starz and its good to see that they haven’t toned down his intensity and just like what Walter did to Starz, The Russian ran straight through the ‘Jobber’ and showcased what he could do to people that might not know who he is

Noam Dar and Mark Andrews do a interview together and its announced that in a couple of weeks time, they will have their rematch of the match they had where they both got stretchered out of the arena and the match couldn’t finish.

Killer Kelly vs Xia Brookside - Both women showing some good chemistry but weirdly, Jinny came out which made Killer Kelly and Xia Brookside stop in their tracks, but she wasn’t alone as she brought out the Alpha Female, Jazzy Gabert, Killer Kelly thought better of it and left Xia to fend for herself and the Menacing Gabert destroyed Brookside. Herself and Jinny then stood over her, sending a message to the rest of the womens locker room.

Dave Mastiff vs Wolfgang - Wolfgang had the hometown advantage in this one and the Glaswegian took that momentum and dominated the early proceedings of the match with the crowd in full support but it wasn’t long before Dave Mastiff got the momentum after rolling out of the way of a Howling Senton from Wolfy, then hitting a suplex into the corner and finishing off the match with the Cannonball, The crowd booed him while he was playing up to it, but those boos quickly turned to cheers as The Coffey brothers came out to beat down The Bomber, allowing Wolfgang to look strong once again and hitting that Howling Senton.

Video Package for next weeks mammoth Rematch between Pete Dunne and WWE UK Championship Walter, I didn’t know I could get anymore hyped for it, but they’ve managed to do it.

NXT UK Rating - **** - Probably the most enjoyable NXT UK i’ve seen (other than the one we went to ofcourse) with a lot of action happening, some story lines kicking off with matches confirmed between Toni Storm and Nina Samuels and we are also 1 name away from completing the Fatal 4 Way Number one contender match and then just to top it off, Debuts of Ilja Dragunov and Jazzy Gabert. Fantastic show.

Match of the Night - Jordan Devlin vs Ligero
Segment of the Night - That video package for Walter vs Dunne 2 tickled my pickle, can’t look past that.

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