205 Live - 14th May 2019

This weeks 205 Live was a inter-brand night as NXT UK superstars show their skills on the purple brand (As they usually do when its the European Tour).

Mark Andrews vs James Drake vs Humberto Carrillo vs Jack Gallagher - Pretty fun match to keep the crowd going and it did the job as the crowd were vocal throughout. Each men looked on top form in this one and it showed as not only was it fun, it was good aswell and Humerto Carrillo gets the win after rolling up Jack Gallagher to continue that storyline between the 2.

Tony Nese vs Ligero - One to many rest holds at the start of this match lost any momentum that the Fatal 4 Way did to help the crowd, but It was a decent match none the less and fairplay to the crowd for sticking with it to the end. Tony Nese picking up the expected victory against Ligero after the Running Nese. After the match, Tony Nese raised the arm of Ligero but Ayari Daviari came out of the crowd to attack Ligero and then hit his finisher onto Tony Nese to get the upper hand going into this Sundays match with Nese at Money in the Bank.

205 Live Rating - ** 3/4 - It always feels like a house show when they mix up the brands like this, didn’t really carry on any story lines but the matches were okay.

Match of the Night - Mark Andrews vs James Drake vs Humberto Carrillo vs Jack Gallagher
Segment of the Night - There were only interviews etc, I’ll guess i’ll give it to Daivari attacking Nese

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