Monday Night RAW - 13th May 2019

Miz kicks off Londons edition of Monday Night RAW and talks up Money in the Bank before quickly talking about Shane McMahon and their match this Sunday. He invites his guest tonight who is the Big Dog, Roman Reigns. Having been told that he got HEAVILY booed (obviously as its in London its taped and released at the standard time for American viewers), they massively drowned out the crowd to almost sound silent. Roman says that Elias hasn't won anything since hes come to WWE and on Sunday, he will lose one more time. Miz claims that after 13 years, he feels like he has finally earned the respect of his peers and the WWE Universe and Shane has had a silver spoon in his mouth his whole life and cuts a fantastic passionate promo about the whole Mr Miz thing and how hes going to beat his arse on Sunday. Shane McMahon comes out and says that he is still their boss and that Miz TV is now cancelled, with Bobby Lashley and Elias coming out the crowd to attack Roman and Miz. Shane sets up a tag match.

Roman Reigns & The Miz vs Bobby Lashley & Elias - Pretty uninspiring match up if iā€™m honest, ends in a disqualification finish after Shane McMahon dragged Roman Reigns off the apron, stopping The Miz tagging him in, and beating The Big Dog down. Brawl breaks out after the match, with Miz grabbing a chair and he starts swinging while Reigns Superman Punches both Elias and Bobby Lashley.

Braun Strowman gets called to Shane McMahons office and Sami Zayn is in there in Shanes ear. Sami offers a challenge that if he beats Braun tonight he will take Strowmans spot at Money in the Bank which the Monster among Men accepts.

Mojo Rawley vs Apollo Crews - Wow, talk about a match that literally NO ONE would care about, oh and guess what, THE FANS WERE DEAD THROUGHOUT, absolute shocker. Mojo squashes Apollo. Yes, squashes, after Crews tweaks his knee and Rawley screamed his way to victory.

Alexa Bliss loses her luggage, Nikki Cross who seems to be absolute normal and not crazy at all....what? Anyway, Alexa has no gear so Nikki takes her place in the Fatal 4 way later on in the night

Contract signing between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans - Becky says that she doesn't care about how much of a beating she is going to get, because she knows that she is going to walk out of Money in the Bank still Double Champ. Becky says that Charlotte is walking into the match with the voices in the back of her head saying how Lynch made the history that she thought she deserved. Charlotte says that these 2 belts will never hide Beckys insecurities and that at Money in the Bank, she will have to bow down to the Queen once again. Lacey and Charlotte sign the contracts and then a brawl breaks out (Come on, its a contract signing, did you expect anything less?) with Charlotte and Lacey teaming up on Lynch and putting her through the table. They both hold up the titles they are fighting for (Both not winning then?!?!) - The crowd loved this and were involved every step of the way and I didn't mind it, it was a bit of a dick measuring contest but it did what it had to do.

Baron Corbin vs Ricochet - Pretty decent match up with the crowd invested through out, Baron Corbin picking up the win with a lovely counter from a DDT into a End of Days. After the match, Corbin grabs a ladder to collect the MITB briefcase but Ricochet gets back up and pushes the ladder over,
making Baron crash into the top rope

Rey Mysterio has a backstage interview talking about last week and Samoa Joe approached Dominic, Cesaro interrupts him saying that Dominic doesn't even look like Rey, so on Sunday, its going to be a ladder match between Joe and Mysterio for the custody of Do.....wait a minute

Interview with AJ Styles just doing some standard building up of his match with Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank

Naomi vs Dana Brooke vs Natalya vs Nikki Cross - Happily surprised by this match, was a decent match up between all 4 women and it flowed quite well. Dana Brooke was probably the MVP of this match, again im happily surprised by this. She performed a dive of the top of a ladder which I don't think shes ever done before, before screaming that she belongs here and to be fair, more performances like this and it will only help her cause to be finally treated like a serious threat in the womens division. After the ladder spot, Natalya recovered the fastest, driving Dana into the barricade before rolling Nikki Cross into the ring, only for Cross to catch her in the ropes and hitting the Cross-Over to pick up the victory. Alexa Bliss then
came down to the ring and, with the help of Cross, retrieved the Briefcase and posed with it. This weird partnership between Alexa and Nikki could be golden in my eyes

Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro - Great match between 2 great wrestlers, by far match of the night, Rey Mysterio picking up the expected win and now has momentum on his side going into Sundays United States Championship match with Samoa Joe.Firefly Fun House - Wow.........swerve after swerve, everything I predicted for this has been thrown out the window every week, I have no clue what the hell is going on.....and im loving every minute of it.

Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman, if Sami Zayn wins he takes Brauns spot at Money in the Bank (Falls count Anywhere match) - Not a massive fans when it comes to Falls count anywhere matches because it can be incredibly messy, It didn't take long for Baron Corbin to get involved while Sami and Braun were in the concourse area of the arena and started to batter Strowman with a trash can, but The Monster amongst Men kept on kicking out of everything getting thrown at him, including being put through a table. Later on in the match as Braun started to get back on top, Strowmans original opponent for tonight, Drew
McIntyre, interfered to try and help Sami Zayn. They spill to the entrance way and this time both Drew and Baron continued the beat down, putting Braun through a ladder and then McIntyre hit a Claymore while Corbin dragged Zayn over to pick up the victory, meaning he will replace Braun in the Money in the Bank match this Sunday.


RAW Rating - *** - A RAW that felt like it went through the motions a little bit, there were definitely good bits during it, but the bad bits were pretty terrible.

Match of the Night - Rey Mysterio vs Cesaro
Segment of the Night - Firefly Fun House

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