Monday Night RAW - 8th April - RAW After Wrestlemania

NEW Universal Champion Seth Rollins comes out to kick off Monday Night RAW saying that he doesn't deserve it, everyone deserves it now that Brock Lesnar is no longer around, says that he feels terrible today after being rag dolled around, but he got back up even after F5s and Suplexes. He mentions that, with the help of some questionable tactics, He slayed the beast but he did to Brock what Brock would do to him. Talks about Lesanr and Paul Heyman took a flight to Vegas and as far as hes concerned, they can stay there. He goes on to say that he is determined to be a fighting champion, talking about new fighting champions, Kofi Kingston comes out to interrupt with Big E and Xavier Woods. Big E says that last night was a cause for celebration and they couldn't wait for Smackdown Live. Big E somehow did a full split as New Day did their shtick. Kofi then says that he really liked the idea of the women doing a winner take all match, so he wants to do the same tonight and face Seth Rollins with both Titles on the line with Seth Accepting.

Hawkins/Ryder (c) vs Revival - RAW Tag Team Championships - Ryder/Hawkins retain the titles after Curt Hawkins rolls up Scott Dawson after a sneaky tag from Hawkins, Revival didn't notice this and hit a Shatter Machine onto Zach Ryder which gave Hawkins the time to pick up the win.

Baron Corbin comes out to a chorus of boos and says that he deserves a Gold Medal of his own considering he ended Kurt Angles career last night, but he is quickly interrupted by the Olympian who says that last night, Corbin was the better man and he wishes Baron all the luck in the world. The 2
shake hands but Angle then stops and says ‘Bad Luck’ before Angle Slamming Corbin. Angle takes in the applause and cheers but Lars Sullivan entrance music hits and the former NXT man comes down to the ring and stares off with Kurt before slamming him into the ring and then hitting a Diving head butt to the former WWE Champion.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley - Alexa Bliss dominated most of the proceedings and spikes Bayley with a DDT to pick up the Victory

Becky Lynch comes out says that the other 2 were bragging about what they had done previously, but that couldn't hold up to The Man as she walked in with nothing, but left with everything and then calls out Ronda Rousey saying that once shes done sulking, she will be waiting right here to slap her head
off her once again. Says that she respects all the others on the grind, but she will beat them all if they come challenging. Becky goes to walk off but Lacey Evans music hits and she comes down and looks at Becky, pretends to walk off but turns back round and hits the Womens Right onto Lynch and a brawl breaks out, both women getting equal amount of offence in before Becky trying to lock in the dis arm her but Evans managed to crawl away. Impressive from Evans as she was in heels and a dress!

Ricochet & Aleister Black vs Chad Gable & Bobby Roode - Roode and Gable cut one of those promos in the corner of the screen during they entrance saying they were going to start doing things their way, sounded very heelish, Ricochet and Aleister Black win the match but after the finish, Bobby Roode attacked Ricochet from behind before dragging Chad Gable out the ring to make a quick getaway.

Vignette of Possibly Bray Wyatt, What looked like a Buzzard puppet with laughter in the background

Dean Ambrose vs Bobby Lashley - Labelled as Ambroses last match, but the bell never rang as Lashley said that once Dean leaves, he will take care of his wife for him, so a brawl broke out before it ended up with Ambrose going through the announce desk.

Sami Zayn returns and issues a some what open challenge as he wants to finally get back into the swing of things - Finn Balor answers the call

Finn Balor (c) vs Sami Zayn - Intercontinental Championship - Good match between the 2, Finn Balor hitting the Coupe de Grace after Sami Zayn missed his Helluva Kick to pick up the win and retaining his Intercontinental Championship. Sami Zayn gets on the mic after Finn leaves and says that its obvious that the fans missed him, but he didn't miss this or any of them since hes been gone and then cuts the a scathing promo on the crowd and the WWE audience.

Elias in the ring to do a performance and raps for us to show that he is better than the Doctor of Thuganomics after Cena interrupted him at Wrestlemania. Ends the rap with the line 'The next person that interrupts me will be a deadman' which popped the crowd, Elias goes to carry on his performance but at that point the famous gong hits and the Undertaker comes out. The 2 stare off and Elias tries to attack him but Taker hits Elias with a Big boot, Chokeslam and then hits the tombstone piledriver to leave him lying motionless in the ring.

Kofi Kingston (c) vs Seth Rollins (c) - Winner take All, WWE Champion vs Universal Champion - This is where RAW went completely off the rails as The Bar interfered in the match to much annoyance of the crowd and it got turned into a Tag Team Match. Beach Balls started to come out and CM Punk chants started to happen and its understandable but i wasn’t personally surprised, They were never going to have one of the baby faces hold all the belts, but I think i would’ve preferred to have Lars take this spot and it not end in a Tag Team Match, None of the 4 men could get the crowd back on there side and the night ended on a really sour note because of this. Seth and Kofi pick up the win, ofcourse.

RAW Rating - 3 Stars

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