Rebooking the 1 April 2019 RAW

Apologies for the lack of a blog last week, work got in the way.

The premise to Rebooking RAW is I am going to be trying to make raw a better product to watch while following the following these strict rules:

  1. I can only use the current Raw Roster. No Call ups and no cross brand unless they are in existing story lines.

  2. I can change a maximum of 5 segments per show.

  3. Regardless of the previous weeks blog, each week Rebooking RAW is based on the TV show that week and not feuds I set up last week.

  4. No using injured superstars in matches. If they’re on the sidelines, they cannot wrestle.

I’m also only touching major segments, tiny less than 2 minute back stage stuff that is so small it doesn’t make it into most write ups will not be mentioned.

With all that now out of the way lets get into this weeks RAW.

Steph Annouces Main Event is winner takes all

Nope. The only reason to put the belt on Charlotte last week was for the 4 Horsewomen of NXT to all hold up the belts at the end of Mania. So no it’s not winner take all it’s loser loses title. If Ronda takes the pin/taps, she loses the title, if Charlotte eats the pin/taps she loses her title.

Brock promo and Seth beat down

This stays. It was meh but there’s far too much to change to change this as well.

Bayley, Banks, Natalya & Phoenix Vs Iconics, Jax and Tamina

Scrap this. I hate multi tag matches like this. Mickie James announces her new single (thats a real thing google it) and Alexa Bliss interrupts. Alexa cuts a scathing promo on Mickie and her terrible music (I assume. I’m not listening to that rubbish) and announces her return to the RAW ring. They face off and Alexa squashes Mickie, allowing Alexa to go into a main title picture after Mania.

Batista promo

Perfection. Wouldn’t change it at all.

Apollo Crews Vs Jinder Mahal

This was trash.

I’m having a Sami Zayn return here because I can’t think of anything to build to a Mania match that I care about so lets throw Zayn into the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He cuts a promo saying hes glad to be back and says he wants a warm up match. Ambrose comes out and they have a good match with Zayn going over, this is Ambrose going out on his back once more.

Rey Mysterio saves Kurt Angle from Baron Corbin

Urgh, fine it can stay. It serves a purpose.

Raw Tag Title Match Revival Vs Black/Ricochet

This stays but only because Black and Ricochet are in the Smackdown Tag Title Match at Mania.

Ronda/Becky/Charlotte Vs Riott Squad and Aftermath

It is well and truly the Banter Era. We had the Attitude Era. The Ruthless Aggression Era. The PG Era. Now and for the last year we’ve been in The Banter Era. This stays even though it was ridiculous.

Heavy Machinary Vs Roode/Gable

Meh. Suppose it stays.

Braun Strowman beats Jobbers

At least give one of the buried tag teams the spot. This can be Brawn Vs the Ascension. Still a squash just gives one of the teams in the Andre a run out.

Balor announces the Demon

Way to kill the pop and the demon character with that weird noise he made. Bin this segment completely.

Rey Mysterio Vs Baron Corbin

This stays. Just.

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