Monday Night RAW - 22nd April 2019

Triple H and Seth Rollins come out to fantastic pops (RAW being in Seths home state of Iowa) and they talk about how Rollins beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and becoming the new Universal Champion, But Hunter says that they need to determine a challenge for Seth at Money in the Bank for the title and that tonight there will be 2 triple threats match, one between The Miz, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre and another one that is very mouth watering indeed as it will be against AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio and United States Champion, Samoa Joe. All 6 of those Wrestlers came out to do their pitch on why they will the next Universal Champion before The Champion says that they need to remember that he is Seth Freakin Rollins
and he will take on whoever wins and burn it down.

AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe - Early goings were fought between AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio as Samoa Joe got knocked to the outside but it wasn't long until all 3 men went at it and what a match it was, all 3 had some fantastic chemistry together, Joe doing a superplex on BOTH of the other men with all 3 landing pretty hard. The finish of the match saw Rey 619ing the United States Champion and then he want for the springboard but got caught by Styles who powerbombed him onto Joe before also hitting a Styles Clash on top of the Samoan, AJ then pinned Samoa Joe to pick up the victory and will be in the main event

Naomi vs Billie Kay - Short match, Naomi picking up the win

The Miz vs Baron Corbin vs Drew McIntyre - Another good Triple Threat match, Miz being the perfect baby face in this situation but it wasn't enough for the A-Lister as he got hit but a lethal Claymore Kick from Drew McIntyre had Miz staring at the lights, but it wasn't Drew that picked up the win as Baron Corbin jumped into the ring and threw McIntyre out the ring and pinned the former Intercontinental Champion to pick up the win and will now face AJ Styles in the Main Event

Sami Zayn comes out and says that hes not bitter, hes jubilant and that the 10 months he was away from the Company due to Injury were the happiest times he ever had, he then shows has pictures of him travelling the world. Once he knew when he was returning to the company he felt depressed and it felt like a black cloud were looming over him and that was because of the fans and the toxic environment they have caused. He then ends the promo by telling the crowd to take their own trip...straight to hell

Cedric Alexander vs Cesaro - Decent match up, Cesaro picking up the win with a massive european uppercut

Viking Raiders vs Lucha House Party - No match happening here, with the Viking Raiders taking out all members of Lucha House Party before the bell could ring

Becky Lynch comes to the ring and says that the Superstar Shakeup has put a atmosphere in the air and everyone is finding out who they will be facing in the coming weeks, but she already knows her opponent and thats Lacey Evans. Becky 2 Belts implys some things and then Evans comes out and cuts a promo on Lynch about how to be a lady and not grab the attention like a Man. Becky replies saying that Lacey is getting on her last nerve and that her recent happiness shouldn't be mistaken for Contentment because she will happily slap the head of her shoulders

Alicia Fox vs Becky Lynch - The match was quite awkward with both women not really having the chemistry together and it clearly showed. Becky Lynch picking up the win with the DisArmHer only for Lacey Evans to come out of nowhere and to hit 2 womens rights on to the Double Champion

Ricochet vs Robert Roode - Bobby Roode, now with a change of name and a lovely new moustache, picks up the win here in a decent enough match up

Bray Wyatt did a vignette as a children show host, it was the most creepy yet awesome thing i think i’ve ever seen, go and watch it.

AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin - Decent match between the 2, with AJ Styles picking up the win after a Phenomanal forearm and will face Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank for the Universal Championship

RAW Rating - 3 and a Half Stars

Jack Dunstan

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