Smackdown Live - 9th April - SD After Mania

The New Day come out for Kofi Kingstons WWE Championship celebration, Big E says that there was one made at Wrestlemania money that made millions of the WWE universe cry, a man that is a A+ player with extra credit and became the NEW WWE Champion, That man being Kofi Kingston. They turned up on RAW to make even more history and to have Kofi become a dual champion just like The Man, Becky Lynch but tonight is much more than that and thats to celebrate the career of Kingston. Xavier Woods says that he remembers Kofi debuting and that it was like meeting one of his heroes when he finally got to WWE. Kofi gets on the mic and says that this moment was in the script, it wasn't meant to happen but here we are. Gives a shoutout to his family saying that they inspired him to be the best person, the best husband, the best dad that he could possibly be, but he was quickly interrupted by The Bar. They say that Kingston should give them a thank you because Seth Rollins was mopping the floor with him last night. The Bar offer out a 6 man tag for later in the night and they reveal Drew McIntyre as their 3rd man.

Aleister Black, Ricochet & Ali vs Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura & Andrade - Decent enough match up, Ali picking up the victory after a 054 onto Andrade after the match Randy Orton RKO'd Ali out of nowhere and then KO attacked Rusev with a Stunner

R-Truth and Womens Battle Royale winner Carmella in the ring and they go on about Sunday, Carmella says she sees big things in her future and then instantly Samoa Joes music hits and Joe and Truth brawl for a little before the coquina clutch gets locked in and he passes out Truth. Joe jumps on the mic and says that he destroyed Rey Mysterio in under 60 seconds at Wrestlemania and it may just take him last time to beat up any other wrestler on the roster but just like that Braun Strowmans music hits and he comes storming to the ring, they brawl for abit before Joe manages to get away and leave the arena.

Iconics (c) vs Brooklyn Belles - Womens Tag Team Championships - They cut a promo saying that they defyed all odds to become the NEW Womens Tag Team Champions. They say they will defend their titles any way, any day, any tag team. So they've booked their own tag match against THE BEST TAG TEAM AROUND, THE BROOKLY BELLES...wait what? They have a impressive unbeaten record of 45 and 0 so very stiff competition for the Iconics, during the match the cameras cut back stage to see Paige keeping a eye on the proceedings. The Iconics somehow beat the Brooklyn Belles to make their first title defense a success. After the match, They interview Paige whos says that next week, she will bring a tag team of her own.

Shane McMahon comes out saying that there were some huge moments at Wrestlemania, Seth, Kofi and Becky all happened, but the only reason why people packed out the Metlife and thats simple, they wanted to see Shane McMahon defeat the Miz. Says that Miz and Mr Miz are not here tonight after what happened on Sunday, getting in the ring and gave Shane a black eye and thats why he did what he did. They found out that he is what he says he is, the best in the world. He gets Greg Hamilton in the ring who says he fears saying the best in the world stuff as fans threatened him about it. Shane then gets Greg to do his introduction but Greg just cant do it, so he drags him to the top of the ramp until he gets it right which he does but then the segment just randomly ends and Shane walks off.

Usos (c) vs Hardy Boyz - Smackdown Live Tag Team Championships - Good Match, but the Hardyz win the titles?! Then Lars Sullivan come out and destroys them, brilliant..

Becky 2 Belts comes out and says that its been a incredible week and that on Sunday she did what she said she would do and become the first ever Womens Dual Champion, The Champ Champ. She tried to celebrate this on Monday but was rudely interrupted by Lacey Evans. Laceys right hand reminded Becky that she has 2 big targets on her at the moment, but no matter what happens next week in the shake up, she will be pulled double duty and she will be waiting for any challengers because she has already walked through hell once to get the titles and The Man is willing to do that all again. As she goes to leave, Once again Lacey Evans comes out and once again gives her a right hook. Knocking the belts flying and putting
Becky on the floor.

New Day vs The Bar & Drew McIntyre - Before the match, Sami Zayn came out, but all he said was 'Yeah, youre not worth it', hes trying his best to get heat but the crowd just love him too much. Wasn't a very long match, Kofi getting the pin over Sheamus after a Trouble in Paradise.

Smackdown Live Rating - 2 and 1/2 Stars

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