Rebooking RAW - BONUS EDITION - Rebooking Wrestlemania!

So having the week after Wrestlemania off work is both a blessing and a curse. I am lucky that I could stay up until 5.30am to see the full show live, but unlucky in that I have a lot of time to reflect on the show.

While the fans got what they wanted in nearly every match, my personal opinion is that this was one of the worst Wrestlemania’s I can remember. My personal feeling is you cannot have a proper high, if you don’t feel some lows during the night.

So in this bonus edition, I am going to rebook Mania with no rules. I’m not going to be prejudiced and just pick my predictions from the podcast either. I’m going to reorganise this show into one that I feel would have flowed better. I’m not changing any participants, just match length and outcomes.

I wont do the normal original segment headings, I will just organise this how I would have.

Pre Show:

Womans Battle Royal

I’m starting the pre show with this rather than the cruiserweights because I think the cruiserweights should be the last thing before the main show, they bring up the crowd so well that its the perfect get ready match.

This match was terrible, the entrances were poor as well, why give Naomi (whose entrance only works in the dark) an entrance. So I’m changing that. Naomi enters in the group and instead we get Asuka and Ember Moon having their own entrance. Asuka for obvious reasons, Ember because she is returning. It also plants seeds for a main roster feud that would be amazing if its half as good as the NXT one.

Dana brook isn’t good enough to have the spot she did and Candice Lerae is more deserving than randomly being in the match only to be first eliminated so I am swapping them. Dana is eliminated first and Candice has the big segment of the match before finally being eliminated.

The match conclusion was also identical to last years with Carmella exiting the ring but not being eliminated during the advert section of the match and only reentering after Sarah Logan was alone. I am scrapping this, we can have a normal victory for Carmella, the hometown girl.

Raw Tag Title Match The Revival (C) Vs Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

This goes next because the format is battle royal in each hour and I want the cruiserweight match last on the pre show. I’m also having The Revival retain by pinning Zach Ryder while using the ropes for leverage. The heels need to come out on top and the feet on the ropes to get the pin allows a rematch on RAW which the faces can win.

Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal

Really did not like this either. I’m not going to bother changing entrances in this but the match changes. Braun gets swamped early on by wrestlers but fights back and is eliminating all three of the lucha house party (or what ever they are called) but they are hanging on to him trying to drag him out. Che & Jost of SNL see this and flip Braun out by lifting his legs, his arms are preoccupied and the luchas and Braun are eliminated.

Braun is livid, gets in the ring and tosses both Che and Jost out.

The end to the match is Matt Hardy eliminating Almas as he is taking out Jeff. Matt is all alone and starts to celebrate when there is a loud noise followed by an explosion and a massive plume of smoke he turns to see Bray Wyatt. Matt cowers away and Bray clotheslines him over the top rope. Bray takes the trophy and leaves even though Matt is declared the winner.

Cruiserweight title Buddy Murphey (C) Vs Tony Nese

This match doesn’t change but just moves to just before the main show. More eyes on the match and it lifts the crowd for the start of the card. It goes for 15 mins rather than the 10 this was given.

Main Show:

Bliss host promo

I don’t have washed up old racists on my show so Alexa just announces the start of the show.

AJ Styles Vs Randy Orton

While the Brock Lesnar thing made sense, I’m not doing it. The Main titles should be at the end of the card and that is how I am having it. So Instead I am opening up with the IC title match.

Due to video packages and pre show panels, even though we ended the pre show with some great wrestling, there has probably been 20 mins since the last match, so the show needs to kick off with a bang.

If it had been dark at this point I would have had the IC title match here, but as Demon Balor needs the dark that isn’t how I have done this.

I’m opening with AJ Styles Vs Randy Orton. They are 2 entrances that work in the light and that people enjoy and its a match between 2 top wrestlers. There were lots of fakes for the Phenomenal Forearm, Styles clash and RKO. I’d have both of them allowed to do their crowd favourite moves including Orton’s draping DDT from the second rope which I feel was missing.

I’m also changing the outcome of this match. This was billed as WWE Vs the Indies so the AJ win felt odd. I also feel, as said above, that there were too many face wins on the card. This was 50/50 anyway so it’s an easy one to change to a heel win. Randy Orton wins with an RKO as AJ goes for a Phenomenal Forearm.

Womens Tag Title Match Sasha/Bailey (C) Vs Jax/Tamina Vs Phoenix/Natalya Vs The IIconics

I’m having the Womens Tag Title match next, which may seem odd, but even though the IIconics are heel, they are so over with the crowd they aren’t going to be booed and it feels like a positive because Nia Jax and Tamina don’t win.

Smackdown Tag Title Match The Usos (C) Vs The Bar Vs Nakamura/Rusev Vs Alistair Black and Ricochet

The Smackdown tag title match comes next and I’m not going to change it. I personally would have preferred to have Ricochet and Alistair Black win but an Uso’s retain is just as good.

Falls count anywhere The Miz Vs Shane McMahon

This Match goes next and I’m not making any changes. I hate to admit it but this made sense.

Intercontinental Tile Match Bobby Lashley (C) Vs Demon Finn Balor

The IC title goes here and the match again stays the same.

Kurt Angle vs Baron Corbin

Another match that doesn’t change.

Elias segment with John Cena

As much as I hate to admit it, this was quite good. Even though I wasn’t around for Cena as the Dr of Thuggonomics this made sense and was pretty enjoyable. It also allows a toilet break for those that didn’t go during the Angle retirement match.

No Holds Barred if HHH loses he retires Tripple H Vs Batista

This should have been a 10 minute match, 15 at most so I am changing it to a 15 minute match. The outcome stays the same.

US Title Match Samoa Joe (C) Vs Rey Mysterio

There needed to be squash matches on this card and this played out perfectly.

Roman Reigns Vs Drew McIntyre

I wasn’t sure if I was going to change the result of this match or not. I have decided that Drew is going to win this match. There needs to be credible heels to keep the brands alive. Drew has been used poorly and the best way to rebuild him is to do it on the grandest stage of them all.

He beats Roman in 7 minutes, the match was poor and 10 minutes was too long for this. It’s a proper crowd shock and gets heat on Drew while showing that Roman is a true sympathetic babyface.

WWE Title Match Daniel Bryan (C) Vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi wins in a match that goes 30 mins. This was match of the night by a clear margin and could have gone longer for me.

Universal title match Brock Lesnar (C) Vs Seth Rollins

This match starts with Heyman introducing Brock and when Rollins comes out Brock does the same as he did in real life, he beats the living hell out of Rollins. The match pans out exactly the same until the last curb stomp. Rollins goes to hit the third curb stomp but Lesnar stops him by locking his arms.

Rollins looks shocked and doesn’t know what to do. Brock gets up, counters a Rollins punch and proceeds to suplex him around before ultimately beating him with an F5.

On Monday Night RAW Rollins will come out and claim that because Brock beat him badly before the match started he knows that Brock is scared of him and Seth will face him in a fair fight any day. Heyman answers the call and brings out Brock for his first fight on Monday Night RAW since July 2002. Seth beats him in a fair fight.

Winner Takes all RAW & Smackdown Womens Titles Match Ronda Rowsey Vs Charlotte Flair Vs Becky Lynch

This match was poor, I don’t know why but it was. So I am just going to make this a good match. The finish of this match goes like this.

Becky has Ronda in a Dis-arm-her but as it looks like Ronda is going to tap, Charlotte comes in with a Natural Selection. She goes to pin Becky but Becky kicks out just before 3. Ronda then attacks Charlotte and hits her with a pipers pit then kicks her out of the ring so she can focus on Becky.

She tries to hit Becky with the Pipers Pit but Becky counters into a crucifix pin and actually gets Ronda’s shoulders onto the mat for the full 1, 2, 3.

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