Smackdown Live - 05th March 2019

Daniel Bryan kicks off the show and we watch a video package of all of last weeks action involving the WWE Championship picture going into Fastlane, from the contract signing to Kevin Owens Stunner. The WWE Champion then says that he sat in the ring and he remained silent during Kofi Kingston being replace last week, but now its his turn to speak, the fans are going crazy, booing and chanting for Kofi. Bryan then says that Kingston is just a supporting actor and not a big star, hence why he isn't here tonight and in India. He says that Vince McMahon was right to replace The New Day member, but isn't right to pick Owens, Says that he is a nobody and that is why hes dangerous, he has nothing to lose compared to Bryan himself who has everything to lose. KO then comes out to a big pop from the crowd and says that for 5 months he was a member of the WWE universe and like the WWE universe he thought that what Bryan was doing was just plain awful and that he hates a know it all. He then mentions about the moment Daniel binned the WWE Championship with Bryan saying that is where it belonged. KO goes on to says that he didn't need any help to stun and pin The WWE Champion last week and, even though it wasn't his intention to take Kofi Kingstons spot at Fastlane, he is going to beat Bryan once again and become the new WWE Champion. Then a scrap breaks out between Rowan and KO, Owens throws Rowan over the top rope before trying another Stunner on Daniel Bryan but it got countered and Rowan hopped back in the ring and puts KO down.

Jey Uso vs The Miz - Pretty faced pace match with the ending of the match seeing Jey Uso go for a pin with Jimmy Uso trying to help him cheat to win, but The Miz kicked out and Shane McMahon took out Jimmy, this distracted Jey who losed focus and Miz hit a Skull crushing finale to pick up the pin fall victory over one half of the Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions.

R-Truth US Championship Open Challenge - R-Truth kicks off the open challenge and its answered by....Lacey Evans who does her cat walk only to go back, Truth thinks thats it but Carmella convinces him to actually defend his title, he then opens it again and it gets answered by Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio AND Andrade and we have a fatal 4 Way match for the US Championship.

R-Truth vs Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio vs Andrade (US Championship match) - Samoa Joe took care of the early proceedings by beating every one of his 3 opponents evenly, we then get about more action from everyone else with everyone getting their moves in, at this point the match had picked up incredible pace compared to the opening, The ending of the match sees Zelina Vega getting involved and hitting a hurricanrana on R-Truth on the outside only for Carmella to superkick her after. This distracts Andrade enough for Rey Mysterio to hit the Canadian Destroyer and then the 619, Rey then hits the splash and goes for the pin fall victory only for Samoa Joe to come out of no where and hit a senton on top of Mysterio and Andrade and then hits a power slam move onto The Former World Heavyweight Champion and picking up the victory - SAMOA JOE IS THE NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION!

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs The Bar - Decent enough match up, with Ricochet pinning Sheamus after the 630 splash picking up the victory only to be attacked by Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura to attack them from behind. The 4 heels were attacking the 2 NXT Stars only for The Hardy Boyz to come out to make the save and the Faces stand tall.

Mandy Rose vs Naomi - I don’t think this match even lasted a minute, with Mandy Rose pinning Naomi after a distraction from Sonya Deville. During their celebration, Asuka came out and took both Sonya and Mandy out, much to the enjoyment of Naomi.

Kevin Owens vs Rowan - This match also didn't last long, as Daniel Bryan was trash talking Kevin Owens while on commentary so KO decided to just go after Bryan instead of Rowan. The match ended as a DQ after The WWE Champion attacked his Challenger on Sunday, but it wasn't long before someone came down to make the save, that man being the returning Mustafa Ali. Ali taking out Rowan while Owens once again hits the Stunner onto Daniel Bryan.

Charlotte Flair earlier in the night invited Becky Lynch to come down to the ring to talk about The Mans 'Physical and Mental capabilities' ahead of their clash at Fastlane. We see a video package of last nights RAW where Ronda Rousey completely destroyed Lynch. The Man comes out and says that last night, Ronda hit her with her absolute best but she is still standing and is still here. She also says that, Yes, she
is damaged but thats where shes at her most dangerous, because when someone is damaged, they've got nothing else to lose. The Queen then kicks Lynchs crutch away from her and then slaps the piss out of her and starts mocking Becky, But The Irish Lass Kicker manages to show some signs of life and locks in the Dis arm-her to stand tall at the end of the show.

Smackdown Live Rating - 3 and 1/2 Stars

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