Monday Night RAW - 04th March 2019

Roman Reigns opens the show, says that last week was the comeback, but this week he gets his yard back. but 1 man is currently in his way, that being his Brother Seth Rollins. Seth comes out and says that last week when Roman announced his remission, that was the best moment of his career, that’s how much it meant to him. Then Rollins goes on about how he is going to slay the beast at Wrestlemania and get
the Universal Championship and finally bring it back to RAW week after week. Reigns then asks The Kingslayer for a favour and Rollins says he would do anything for him. Roman asks to get the Shield back but Seth says anything but that, not after what Dean Ambrose did to him on the night he did it but after some convincing from the crowd and Reigns, He accepts and says hes doing it for Roman. Dean comes
out but before he could speak, Elias smacks him over the back with a Guitar and runs off.

Braun Strowman/Finn Balor/Kurt Angle vs Drew McIntyre/Baron Corbin/Bobby Lashley - Braun Strowman dominated the opening portion of this match by destroying the Heel team, He tagged in Finn Balor who managed to overcome Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin and dump them both out the ring before hitting a suicide dive. The ending of the match saw Balor going for the pin on Corbin but Lio Rush put Finns
foot on the bottom rope and break up the pinfall, Finn then chases Rush around the ring before being picked up by Lashley and driven into ring post. Strowman then runs round trying to bulldoze both Bobby and Rush but Lashley moves out the way and Braun and Lio go straight the time keepers area. Both McIntyre and Lashley saw a opportunity and threw the Balor into the ring before Bobby
hits the spear on Intercontinental Champion to pick up the pinfall win.

Natalya vs Ruby Riott - Short match between the 2, Natayla picking up a roll up victory after countering Ruby Riotts roll up.

Triple H comes and starts talking about Richard Fliehr and not Ric Flair and saying how Fliehr was on his death bed just over a year ago and that Fliehr was always at Hunters side for his best and worst times just like Hunter was at Fliehrs side. HHH then moves the focus on last week when Batista viciously attacked the Nature Boy, saying that Batista always quits when he doesn't get the what he wanted, but this time he
couldn't quit, so he attacked a 70 year old man and took his moment away from him. He then shoots down the insults from Batista’s instagram post of 'I don't like Philly so i didn't turn up' and 'we are going to play this game my way' as cookie cut and just not very original. Trips then calls The Hollywood Star out for having no balls and when they finally get face to face he want be looking at the character Triple H, he will be looking at the man. He then ends the promo by saying that he has his attention.

Stephanie McMahon announces that because of the actions last week from Ronda Rousey by disrespecting the title, they have done whats best for business and dropped all charges and suspension on Becky Lynch. Stephanie says she has invited Becky to the arena to sign a weaver saying that the WWE wont be held responsible for what happens at Fastlane when Lynch will go 1 on 1 with Charlotte Flair for the RAW Womens Championship.

Heavy Machinery vs B-Team/Ascension/Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins Gauntlet style match - Otis claims a pin fall victory over Curtis Axel via their Tag Team offence. Dozer then hits the splash on Viktor to get a 2nd win before getting the hat-trick by hitting the Caterpillar on Curt Hawkins.

Elias vs Dean Ambrose - Another pretty short match, ending saw Dean Ambrose jump off the top rope only to be made with a massive knee strike by Elias and then into the Drift Away for Elias to pick up the pin fall victory. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins then come out to again try and convince Dean to join the Shield. Ambrose storms past them and then walks through the crowd but he stops in his tracks as Baron
music hits and Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley come to the ring and attack Roman and Seth with the Lunatic Fringe trying to fight the urge to help his former Shield Brothers out, he finally caves in a storms back through the crowd and to the ring where he helps clean the Heels out of the ring. The Big Dog and The Architect do the fists in the middle of the ring and shout for Ambrose who is reluctant before once again caving in and finally rejoins the Shield.

Tamina vs Sasha Banks - Once a short match but a lot of shenanigans happening as Tamina picks up the pin fall victory of Sasha Banks thanks to a assist from her tag team partner Nia Jax.

Revival vs Aleister Black and Ricochet (RAW Tag Team Championship Match) - This match gets thrown out after Bobby Roode and Chad Gable comes out attacks the Revival, they then square up against Black and Ricochet and, to be honest, just sound jealous. The 2 NXT Stars get the upper hand on the former RAW Tag Team Champions and send them packing

Stephanie McMahon comes out with the RAW Womens Champion and quickly introduces Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch so that they can make this match at Fastlane official. Becky signs the ‘Hold Harmless’ agreement but the camera cuts backstage with a angry Ronda Rousey storming to the ring. Ronda comes out and demands how Championship back and that she never vacated it, She gave Stephanie a week to include Lynch not exclude her. Stephanie hands the Championship back and changes the plan for Fastlane, the match will still be The Man vs The Queen but if Becky Lynch wins, she gets added into the match at Wrestlemania. Ronda then goes full heel mode and starts shooting the crowd down for booing her and says that there will be ‘no more nice bitch’ as she then turns around and punts Charlotte in the stomach and then completely destroys Becky, bombarding her with a punches and judo throws and then putting in 3 arm bars and standing tall over The Man, looking like the Rousey we all wanted from the start.

Monday Night RAW - 3 and 1/4 Stars

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