Smackdown Live - 26th March 2019

New Day come out and Xavier Woods says that Kofi Kingston has been treated poorly not just recently but over the past 11 years and asks Vince McMahon to come out and give them the answers they deserve for whats happened to Kofi recently, Vince comes out but he is interrupted by Daniel Bryan who says that if they want to quit, let them quit, The WWE Champion then follows that up by saying the New Day is stale who can just be replaced by 3 random NXT guys and be more popular, that is because Kingston is just a B+ players. Mr McMahon says that they were never going quit, but also says that Kofi will always be a B+ player. He then questions whether the rest of the New Day are B+ tag team? So another Gauntlet is set up, Big E and Xavier Woods must fight against a number of Tag Teams and if they win, Kofi Kingston will face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania.

Becky Lynch is doing a interview backstage saying that Charlotte Flair doesn’t deserve to be in the main event of Wrestlemania alongside herself and Ronda Rousey, Charlotte interrupts the interview by coming out to the ring and saying that she will show everyone why she deserves to be there. she then PROCEEDS TO BEAT ASUKA TO BECOME THE NEW SMACKDOWN WOMENS CHAMPION WAIT WHAT HOLD UP. Go and watch this match because it was a awesome match and it kicked off a night of rollercoast of emotions.

AJ Style vs Kurt Angle - Ends in DQ after Randy Orton hit a RKO on AJ Styles as expected only for Kurt Angle to retaliate on Orton and hit a Angle Slam on him

The Miz says he wants a Falls count Anywhere match with Shane McMahon at Wrestlemania after what Shane did the Mr Miz at Fastlane. McMahon comes down with security along with Shelton Benjamin, Sanity and one of the Colons (Don’t know which one, does anyone?!). Shane accepts Miz’s challenge and mocks his Dad again, bringing up a picture from Fastlane, also saying that he made a ‘Miztake’ (HA GOTEM) when he impregnated Miz’s mum (21 SHANEAGE). This sents Miz into a frenzy and he beats up EVERYONE on his own.

Like last week, i’ll just be doing the ending of each mini match, I didn’t manage to get times, I barely wrote any notes for this show because I couldn’t take my eyes of it!

Tag Team Gauntlet match:
New Day squash The Club - Big E pinning Karl Anderson after a Up Up Down Down
New Day beat Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura - Xavier Woods pinning Shinsuke Nakamura after a Up Up Down Down
New Day beat The Bar - Xavier Woods rolls up Sheamus but after this The Bar put Big E through a table
The Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos FORFEIT their chance to face the New Day out of respect towards Kofi Kingston, saying that no one deserves it more than he does.
New Day beat Daniel Bryan and Rowan after Big E pinned Rowan behind the announce table by flipping it on top of him to get him Counted out.

Smackdown Live Rating - 4 and 1/4 stars