Monday Night RAW - 25th March 2019

Welcome all to the our Written review of the 25th March edition of RAW, and we are only 13 days away from the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Lets jump in and get reviewing.

BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE: Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair - All 3 cut a promo before hand, Ronda Rousey saying that everyone is welcome for Women Main Eventing Wrestlemania, because if it wasn’t for her it would’ve never happened. Becky Lynch comes out and says if it wasn't for her, Ronda wouldn't be champion because no one cares about her. Charlotte Flair then comes out and says that the all Women Main Event is happening because of her work over the past 7 years.

The rules of the Beat the Clock Challenge are simple, One wrestler will set a time, and whoever beats that time, wins.

Ronda Rousey beats Sarah Logan to set the time at 1 minute 25 seconds
Charlotte Flair fails to beat Ruby Riott in time as Ruby managed to avoid tapping to the Figure 8
Becky Lynch beats Liv Morgan and beats Rondas time by 7 Seconds to win the Beat The Clock challenge

Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush - If Finn wins, he faces Lashley at Mania - Lio Rush says that he isn't medically cleared tonight due to Braun Strowman actions last week, so he is replaced by Jinder Mahal. Some early hindering from Singh brothers and Rush but Finn Balor eventually hits the Coupe de Grace on Jinder to pick the win and will head to Wrestlemania.

Aleister Black/Ricochet vs Revival (Non Title Match) - Good match again between the 2 teams, finish of the match saw Aleister Black hit a double Black Mass on the RAW Tag Team Champions and then Ricochet hit the 630 onto Dash Wilder to pick up the pinfall victory, Does this make the NXT stars number 1 contenders with Wrestlemania looming?

Drew McIntyre comes out and says he doesn’t care if the fans don’t like him, but he demands respect off them. He then goes on to say that a week is a long time to wait for a answer from Roman Reigns about facing him at Wrestlemania saying that his children has already seen him fight for his life recently, does Roman really want to put them through that one more time at Wrestlemania? McIntyre threatens to hold RAW hostage until he gets a answer but is swiftly interrupted by the Big Dog who says that Roman accepts the challenge, but his next message doesn’t come from Roman, warning Drew never to talk about his wife and kids again and then smacks the Scottish Physcopath. A brawl breaks out between the 2 which Reigns had the upper hand until Drew hit a low blow, which gave him the time to hit a Claymore - We come back from commercials and McIntyre is walking down the corridor only to bump into Dean Ambrose who challenges him to a Last man Standing match, which Drew accepts.

Natalya vs Sasha Banks - Ends in a DQ finish as Nia Jax and Tamina attacked everyone in the ring, but Beth Phoenix managed to fend them both off, managing to lift Nia up (only dropping her due to a kick from Tamina) and then hitting a Glam Slam onto Tamina

Moment of Bliss with Guest: Braun Strowman - Still going with these 2 correspondent blokes, still don't know who they are, they are both forced to enter the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale by Alexa Bliss for some reason

Baron Corbin vs Apollo Crews - Quick match, End of days wining it for Baron Corbin to avenge last weeks defeat from Apollo Crews

Seth Rollins comes out and says that himself and Brock Lesnar are not cut from the same cloth, says that he wants to be a Champion that inspires people and not like what Brock does. Follows that up by saying he refuses to accept that Lesnar will define this industry by being Universal Champion and with the WWE universe behind him, they will burn it down together. Hes interrupted by Paul Heyman who thanks Seth for letting him know that the match at Wrestlemania is now a handicap match with himself aswell as the WWE Universe, but he still likes the odds because the chances of The Kingslayer winning is still 0%. Heyman ends his promo by saying everyone these days always asks for thoughts and prayers. Paul goes to walk off but Seth chases him down and makes Heyman fall over. Rollins stands over him and says that hes not asking for thoughts and prayers, hes answering them.

Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe - Decent enough match up, Kurt Angle picking up the win by outsmarting Samoa Joe while in the Coquina clutch and managing to pin him while still in the submission.

Triple H comes out and congratulates the women for being the Main Event of Wrestlemania, saying that it was not given, it was earned. He quickly changes the subject to his match with Batista, pulling out a envelope from Batistas lawyers saying that he wont compete at Wrestlemania unless some more requests are met. Goes on about Evolution and how that group molded Batista from Deacon to World Champion, but then cuts to the chase and opens the letter, mocking the promo from the Guardians of the Galaxy Actor by performing part of the Spice Girls song ‘Wannabe’ a few weeks back. HHH then actually reads the letter and it says that Hunter has to put his career on the line if he wants to have the match. Trips says that Batista thinks that hes obsessed with the him, but the only thing hes obsessed with is kicking his arse. Hunter then agrees to put his career on the line.

Dean Ambrose vs Drew McIntyre - Last Man Standing - Not a very long match, about 10 minutes or so. Drew McIntyre dominated throughout but some how Dean Ambrose managed to counter him trying to throw him into a chair which was wedged in between the top and middle rope and then hitting the Dirty Deeds onto the Scottish Physcopath but to no avail as it doesn’t keep McIntyre down. Dean gets a table and leans it up against the turnbuckle, only for Drew to then counter him and drive Ambrose through the table, The Lunatic Fringe then somehow got back up, only to be annihilated by a Claymore kick and Drew McIntyre picks up the win.

Monday Night RAW Rating - 3 Stars