Rebooking the 18th of March 2019 RAW

Quick intro to this article this week. The premise to Rebooking RAW is I am going to be trying to make raw a better product to watch while following the following these strict rules:

  1. I can only use the current Raw Roster. No Call ups and no cross brand unless they are in existing story lines.

  2. I can change a maximum of 5 segments per show.

  3. Regardless of the previous weeks blog, each week Rebooking RAW is based on the TV show that week and not feuds I set up last week.

  4. No using injured superstars in matches. If they’re on the sidelines, they cannot wrestle.

I’m also only touching major segments, tiny less than 2 minute back stage stuff that is so small it doesn’t make it into most write ups will not be mentioned.

With all that now out of the way lets get into this weeks RAW.

Brock Lesner & Paul Heyman Promo and resulting shenanigans.

A difficult segment to title this one with all that goes on but this will remain unchanged.

Paul Heyman cuts a promo bigging up Lesnar and making comments along the line of Drew McIntyre is better than Seth Rollins.

Drew came out to thank Heyman and Rollins jumped him with a chair.

This is the first time I have ever enjoyed Brock, his little smirks were perfect.

Finn Balor and Brawn Strowman Vs Bobby Lashley and Leo Rush

I’m really bored of this feud already. Balor is back to feeling like nothing, Brawn has for months and I cant stand Leo Rush or Bobby Lashley. So I’m replacing this segment entirely. Also Brawn being Balor’s mystery opponent makes no sense, he’s a normal RAW roster guy and he seems to be heel at the moment apart from here.

I’m placing some build to the Raw Tag Title match I want at Mania here instead.

The segment starts with Aleister Black and Ricochet come down to the ring and call out the Revival. Ricochet does all the talking and says that because they weren’t pinned at Fastlane and Gable and Roode were only in the match because they interfered, they deserve to fight for the RAW Tag Team Titles at Wrestlemania.

The Revival come to the top of the ramp and tell them they lost and they can go to the back of the line.

From out of nowhere Paige’s music hits. She announces that while there are no Commissioners in WWE anymore, she has been granted the power to book matches on RAW. She announces Dash Wilder Vs Ricochet is up now and if Ricochet wins, that he and Aleister Black will be facing the Revival for the Tag Team Titles at Mania.

A fast paced match ensues (no 5 minute headlock rest holds thank you very much) and when Dawson tries to interfere, Black kicks his head off with the Black Mass allowing Ricochet to pick up the win with the 630.

A moment of Bliss

So I said last week I hate talk shows, but this again served a purpose. Alexa Bliss is amazing on the mic as is Elias. The segment worked well and even the Conga line bit made sense.

I am assuming Elias will be interupted in his performance at Mania by The Undertaker and he will lose to Taker in a squash match.

Elias Vs No Way Jose

No Way Jose got too much offence in in this match for me but I don’t have enough changes to just change that so this stays the way it is.

Angle Mania opponent announcement

Baron Corbin? Baron F@*&!%g Corbin? No thanks.

Kurt comes out, talks about it being a full circle event and announces John Cena. At least someone cares a little then.

Angle Vs Gable

I’m allowing Angle to have his time to wind down his career. It is sad to watch him wrestle but he has my respect.

Beth Phoenix Announcement and Natalya Vs Sasha Banks

Urgh, why did I restrict myself to 5 changes?

Okay fine this stays. I don’t want to see Tamina, Nia, Natalya or Beth Phoenix wrestle, but I get we always have legends at mania so this stays. (By the skin of its teeth due to the fact I cant change 6 segments)

Ricochet Vs Jinder Mahal

As you may have guessed by me having Ricochet wrestle earlier, this match goes. Ricochet will be ruined if you keep having him spend 4/5 minutes on the floor in a headlock. It takes away his aura.

So I have a free segment here to do whatever I want with. So I’m having Paige come back out and call a Fatal 5 way between Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, Rezar (of the AOP), Mojo Rawley and Tyler Brerze with the winner going on to face Bobby Lashley for the IC title on the RAW after Wrestlemania (because there’s no space for it on the Mania Card).

The match goes 8 minute but as Bo Dallas goes for a pin attempt on Tyler Breeze the lights go out. They come back up and its just Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel in the ring with Bray Wyatts smoking lantern between them. The lights go down once more and when they come back up Bray Wyatt is sat in the middle of the ring with nobody else in sight.

I Like Bray and I think he’s been used badly in the past. I would bring Luke Harper back across or even have him like the new year call ups and not a brand specific wrestler, just causing chaos. but this is the start of the story. Have him come back and feud with Axel and Dallas because of their feud with the Deleters of Worlds.

Have him reprise the Wyatt Family gimmick but make him talk like the stint in the Deleters of Worlds is like a dream to him. He is confused as to where Eric Rowan is and all he knows is he has some form of disliking for Dallas and Axel. Once he beats them allow him to challenge for a title. Use him properly.

Ronda Rousey Vs Dana Brook - RAW Women’s Title Match

Perfect segment, Dana sold well and Ronda keeping the Heel thing going.

Baron Corbin Vs Apollo Crews

In an ideal world this would change but there are always nothing matches, this had a pre build segment that made kind of sense and Apollo looked good in the match.

Batista Promo

What the hell was this turd? This didn’t need to happen. So in my world this is replaced by the last match starting earlier.

Seth Rollins Vs Drew McIntire

This match was good so can stay, but it starts earlier and ends differently. In my world nobody is stupid enough to be distracted by entrance music. Seth Glances up at the sound of the music but continues to wrestle.

This annoys Brock who runs down to the ring. But he’s smart too, He runs to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. This is where Seth turns to him thinking he must defend himself. But Brock just stands up, stares Rollins in the eyes, drops to his back and rolls out the ring. This is where Drew beats Rollins following the real distraction.

Brock walks back up the ramp with that little smirk on his face, gaining more heat and not making Seth look stupid.

I hope you enjoyed my version of Raw.

Matt Quine

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