Smackdown Live - 19th March 2019

First of all, apologises for missing yesterdays #RAW review, i didn’t watch it live and went to bed early (like a normal person!) and then watched it in stages over Tuesday daytime, I gave RAW a ** 3/4, it was pretty crap in my opinion….Anyway, onto #SDLive!

The Miz comes out and cuts a promo to open the show. He talks about Shane McMahon and that hes just like Vince while also saying that Shanes not the best in the world, hes the worst. The former WWE Champion then talks about how his former tag team partner put his hands on his Mr Miz and that he will live to regret that. Miz then says that ‘Hard work beats talent that doesn't work hard enough’ after talking about how hes gone through his career earning the respect from all. Miz ended the promo by saying that he is going to give Shane a beating of a life time at Wrestlemania.

Iconics vs Boss ’n’ Hug Connection (Non Title Match) - This was the first time that both Sasha Banks and Bayley had appeared on Smackdown Live apparently, which was pretty cool. Lacey Evans came out like shes good at and distracted all 4 wrestlers in the ring. Later on in the fight saw a Big boot on Bayley by Billie Kay distracted Sasha long enough for Peyton Royce to roll her up and, with the help of Kay grab Banks hand so she couldn’t get the momentum to kick out, and pick up the win against the WWE Womens Tag Team Champions. Are the Iconics now official Number 1 contenders for the Titles? I certainly hope so.

Kevin Owens Show - Guests: Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair - Kevin Owens stirs the pot between both Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch by reading out some quotes that both women had said, along with quotes from Ronda Rousey. KO says that instead of ‘Fight, Owens, Fight’ it should really be ‘Fight, Becky, Fight’ and ‘Fight, Charlotte, Fight’, this riles both women up and they square up and eventually brawl to the outside of the ring where they both struck security personal before being separated.

Gauntlet Match - I won’t be doing a play by play on this match because I was invested in the match and didn’t take much notes, but i did get rough timings and how each fall was made.

Kofi Kingston beats Sheamus after a Trouble in Paradise (15 minutes)
Kofi Kingston beats Cesaro with a SOS (8 minutes)
Rowan DQs himself by striking Kofi with a chair (2 minutes) - After getting DQ’d, Rowan then brutalises Kingston around the ring including putting him through the announce table
Kofi Kingston beats Samoa Joe with a roll up after Joe attempted the Muscle Buster (13 minutes) - After getting pinned, Samoa Joe locks in the Coquina Clutch onto Kingston
Kofi Kingston beats Randy Orton with a roll up after Orton attempted a RKO (15 minutes) and will go to Wrestlemania!…or so we thought. Vince McMahon comes out to congratulate Kofi but says that The New Day Member has to beat one last opponent to 100% get to Wrestlemania, that man being WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. This match lasted around 5 minutes and the finish saw Daniel Bryan hitting the running knee and pinning Kingston so as of now, Kofi Kingston WILL NOT go to Wrestlemania.

Smackdown Live Rating - *** 1/4

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