Rebooking the 11th of March 2019 RAW

For those of you that haven’t caught the coming soon to this series and are wondering what this blog post is all about, I (Matt) am going to tell you how I would make RAW a better product to watch, while following some strict rules. In short these rules are:

  1. I can only use the current Raw Roster. No Call ups and no cross brand unless they are in existing story lines.

  2. I can change a maximum of 5 segments per show.

  3. Regardless of the previous weeks blog, each week Rebooking RAW is based on the TV show that week and not feuds I set up last week.

  4. No using injured superstars in matches. If they’re on the sidelines, they cannot wrestle.

For a more detailed explanation, see the coming soon post.

I’m also only touching major segments, tiny less than 2 minute back stage stuff that is so small it doesn’t make it into most write ups will not be mentioned.

But enough about that, lets get into this weeks RAW.

Shield Promo:

Raw opens with the Shield cutting an in ring promo confirming they are going their separate ways.

Roman and Dean leave to give Seth a chance to hype his Mainia match but before he gets into the promo, Paul Heyman interrupts with his usual spiel and follows up with a Brock Lesnar video Package.

After this, Shelton Benjamin (a Smackdown Live Superstar) attacks Rollins (way to break my rules WWE!).

This is going to be my first changed segment. Shelton Benjamin attacking Rollins is pointless, Heyman admits while on commentary in the match that he paid Benjamin to attack Rollins but other than that I see no point in this being Shelton Benjamin.

So I am replacing Shelton Benjamin with EC3. He’s someone who has done a whole lot of nothing since being called up. He’s a good enough worker for you to expect that he could get a little offence in a match with Seth Rollins. I’m also removing the Brock video package, Heyman can get Lesnar heat anyway and it allows EC3 some time with the mic in hand.

As EC3 attacks Rollins, he knocks Rollins out of the ring and cuts a short promo. He explains that He’s been here long enough to have gained some respect, but nobody seems to be giving it to him, so he is now going to show everyone what he is capable of.

Seth Rollins Vs Shelton Benjamin:

Due to the change in the opening segment, I am changing this one as well. EC3 faces Seth Rollins. Heyman can stay on commentary, he can even still say that he paid EC3 to attack Rollins but this gives chance to a guy who has been misused since his call up to get some much needed time with mic in hand and in the ring.

The match outcome will stay the same, Rollins has to win every match up until Mania or he loses credibility.

Had I not set a limit on how many changes I would have had Dean turn on Roman in the opening segment. The Shield farewell was a little flat for me, but I’d have had to change so many segments that I couldn’t do it within these set rules. (Which idiot limited the amount of changes I could make?)

Finn Balor Vs Bobby Lashley for the Intercontinental Title:

We then had the Intercontinental Title match between Finn Balor and Bobby Lashley. I was worried about this from the start and true to form, stupid WWE rules came into play and the big sweaty man beat the technical wrestler to make the Balor ‘IC title run’ pointless.

Clearly this has to change.

So I’m bringing back the IC open challenge for this segment. For Finn to have any sort of credibility he needs to retain until after mania, so we need someone who isn’t doing much, and isn’t going to win, but isn’t a jobber.

I know we haven’t seen him on TV for a while but I’m having Mojo Rawley answer the challenge. I don’t remember seeing him on TV since the last IC open challenge but he is a decent mid card wrestler when given some air time. I considered Sami Zayn who has been cleared for action returning but I don’t want him losing on his return.

Balor goes over Mojo, winning with a Coup De Gras after a decent length match.

Ronda Promo:

Controversial opinion but I like heel Ronda. She cut a good promo and then Dana Brooke came out calling for the Raw Women’s Title Open Challenge. Ronda is very good at making her offence look brutal and this was no different.

This segment stays as it was. Anyone could have been in that Dana spot but I’m glad it was nobody that could have their character harmed.

Black/Ricochet Vs Gable/Roode:

Decent TV tag match (Shock horror) and Black/Ricochet won. Nothing to change here.

A moment of Bliss:

You will quickly find that I don’t do talk show segments. That being said, this wasn’t one and was just Alexa, who is one of the best heels in WWE, letting us know she is hosting Wrestlemania 35.

A bit of a nothing segment but I’m leaving it in.

Elias promo and No Way Jose Interruption:

Nothing to change here, as far as I am concerned anyone knocking 10 bells out of No Way Jose is a good thing. Elias has nothing to do and I’m happy for him to keep up his gimmick until after Mania where I’d give him a decent run at the IC title, allowing Finn to transition into the main title picture.

Nia Jax (with Tamina) Vs Natalia (with Beth Phoenix):

I get the point of this match and I get the point of Beth Phoenix being back in the run up to Mania so I’m leaving this segment alone.

HHH Vs Batista Promo:

This feud is fire. I am looking forward to this match at Mania so much and this segment was brilliant. Yes there were some slip ups with the words and nothing really happened but it built hype and I love it.

Kurt Angle Vs Apollo Crews:

Fine, Kurt Angle can have his run up to Mania build, put someone over at the showcase of the immortals and retire. It’s sad seeing Kurt in the ring in his current state but he deserves one last Mania moment and for that he needs build. But he needs to just squash someone, so I am replacing Apollo with a Singh brother. I don’t really care which one.

They both sell German Suplexes as well as anyone else and it’s believable that Kurt angle in this state could beat one of them. It also allows the other one to fight him next week.

Angle slam still wins the match but its a squash match to build Angle.

Drew McIntyre Attacks Roman Reigns:

Again no changes here, you get the pop for Roman’s entrance. Not a big fan of giving Roman a black eye, that could mean concussion and you can’t use him next week then, but this served a purpose.

Dean Ambrose Vs Drew McIntyre Falls Count Anywhere No Holds Barred:

Okay so this was a fairly good match and I could have happily left this alone if Dean Ambrose hadn’t become a nothing man. Going over this version of Dean Ambrose means nothing. As far as we know he is still leaving post Mania and he hasn’t looked strong since he turned.

Drew McIntyre needs to be completely rebuilt but I don’t think this is the starting point. At this point he needs to not be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal but a feud with the Shield on his own doesn’t build him in the right way.

I’m keeping the start to this match, it starting on the ramp and Ambrose gaining the upper hand. But (and I hate that I am saying this but I will explain) as Dean gets on top, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin come out, chairs in hand to attack Dean.

Dean takes a heavy Beating but, just as it looks like there’s no way back, Roman Reigns barges in with a couple of Superman punches to break it up.

The Brawl goes all over the arena as it did but eventually splits off with Lashley and McIntyre taking Dean, withCorbin cutting Roman off from his friend. By the time Roman spears Corbin through a wall backstage Dean has eaten the pin. Raw goes off the air with Dean down and beaten and Lashley and McIntyre standing tall.

This may seem odd but hear me out. Rollins doesn’t get involved because he has to look after himself before Mania, confirming that the Shield is no more.

It builds to a 3 on 2 handicap match next week. Roman has the natural path of a squash match over Corbin at Mania. Alternatively he can have a tag match with Dean to see him off against 2 of the 3 heels. You could even have Lashley or McIntyre cost the other the win in the 3 on 2 next week, splitting them up and leading to Roman Vs Corbin at mania and a triple threat with Dean Vs Drew Vs Lashley at Mania. At that point Drew can pin Lashley, building Drew and starting a feud to build him further.

I know its not the cleanest but I just don’t see a singles victory over an already dead Dean Ambrose helping to build Drew McIntyre in any way.

If you have any comments or opinions on this blog post, please feel free to use the comments below. I will take things on board and I’m happy to be told I’ve made a poor decision. Unlike Vince, I might listen.

Also feel free to contact me on Twitter regarding this post @heel_mattq

Matt Quine

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