Coming Soon - Rebooking RAW

Rebooking RAW will be a blog series where I (Matt) am going to set myself a challenge of making the Monday Night RAW product better. In this blog, I am going to outline the strict rules that I will stick to, while trying to create a better product.

The Rules:

  1. I can only use the existing Raw roster, no NXT call ups, no permanent switches from Smackdown Live and I can only use Smackdown superstars where it would make existing story line sense. No creating new stories with superstars on other rosters.

  2. I can change a maximum of 5 segments across the 3 hour show. If a feud appears in 3 segments (a back stage segment, in ring segment and a match) and I change a wrestler involved, that’s 3 changes and I have just 2 more to make in the whole show. However, if there is a throw away match I can change both wrestlers or teams and it only counts as one change.

  3. Regardless of the previous weeks blog, each week will be based on the TV show that week, meaning my changes do not stand into the next weeks blog, making it easier to jump in at any time.

  4. No using injured superstars in ring. If someone is confirmed as injured they can do backstage promos or in ring promos only.

The rules are simple but make it as realistic as possible and are designed to make it as hard for me as it is for the real WWE writers. I am writing from the perspective of someone on the weekly show team and not someone coming up with the long term story lines.

Hopefully this will be something enjoyable to read. The blogs will outline each segment, but I will only be going in depth in the segments where I make changes.

Matt Quine

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