Smackdown Live - 26th February 2019

We kick off Smackdown Live with the contract signing between Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston, Bryan is already in the ring alongside Rowan, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon. Shane and Steph put over Kofis career and have a look back at his past title wins and his recent rise to the top. The New Day all come out with Big E jumping in and hugging both McMahon family members in excitment. Kingston gets on the mic and says that in 11 years all he wanted was a chance, and its finally happening. He says at Fastlane hes going to do what everyone wants to see and that is to defeat Daniel Bryan and become the new WWE Champion. Bryan signs the contract but before Kingston can sign it, Vince McMahon
comes out and says that he is replacing Kofi Kingston with a man more deserving and more qualified than Kofi, he then introduces the RETURNING Kevin Owens who then signs the contract while the New Day are livid, Big E and Xavier Woods are shouting at everyone while Kofi Kingston is just silent throughout.

The Bar come out for the scheduled match of Cesaro vs Johnny Gargano, but we don't get that, as the Hardy Boyz music hits and just after we got the return of Owens, we finally get the return of Matt Hardy, as he teams with brother Jeff.

The Bar vs Hardy Boyz - Crowd were hot for this as the Hardyz were in their home state and the match was a decent watch aswell, Jeff Hardy picking up the pin fall victory over Sheamus after a Swanton Bomb.

R-Truth comes out and says that when he was a young lad, all he wanted to be was John Cena, never change Truth. He then says he is going to bring back the US Open Challenge, this was answered by Andrade ASWELL as Rey Mysterio. Truth asked Carmella 'What would John Cena do?' in which she said that he would probably face both of them, so thats what happened.

R-Truth vs Andrada vs Rey Mysterio - Wasn't a very long match but we saw some fresh sequences from Rey Mysterio and Andrade, Rey hitting a excellent Doomsday Hurricanrana on Andrade - but the result was some what unexpected - as R-Truth managed to retain the United States Championship after rolling up Rey Mysterio to pick up the Win. After the match, Andrade tried to hit the hammerlock DDT on Rey but Mysterio managed to counter it into a 619 attempt, only for Andrade to duck out the ring

Charlotte Flair comes out in her hometown of Charlotte, saying that Vince McMahon made the right choice for Fastlane replacing Kofi with KO to the crowds annoyance, and it reminded her of when Vince replaced Becky Lynch with herself for Wrestlemania. She says she is the gold standard because she is the main event and that she will never lay down the title like what Ronda Rousey did last night - and this is because both Ronda and Becky fear the Queen. She then announces that she will be at RAW next week because she expects Vince McMahon to once again make the right decision and crown her the New RAW womens Champion

Ricochet & Aleister Black vs Rusev & Shinsuke Nakamura - Decent match up between the 4 wrestlers, the ending of the match saw Shinsuke Nakamura going for his trusted Kinshasa, but Aleister Black managed to give himself enough time to turn it into the Black Mass to pick up the pin fall victory.

Kofi Kingston & Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan & Rowan - Earlier on in the night, Kevin Owens went up to Shane and Stephanie McMahon and said that he knows its a surprise that hes in the WWE Championship match but he wants to team with the man that deserves the WWE Championship match as much as he
does and that is Kofi Kingston and he wants to face off against Daniel Bryan and Rowan. The match kicks off and Owens looks like he was never injured, looking slick in the ring and even hitting a suicide dive. KO so nearly pinned Bryan with a pop up powerbomb, but the American Dragon managed to kick out at 2.9. Kofi then throws Rowan into the ring post before he hits his trust fall onto the former Bludgeon Brother. KO then hits a Stunner on Daniel Bryan after he moved out the way of Bryans Running Corner Kicks to pick up the pin fall victory over the WWE Champion.

Smackdown Live Rating - 3 and 3/4 Stars

Jack Dunstan

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